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It’s the busuu Month of Love, baby!

Throughout February, we’re celebrating a Month of Love to share the warm, fuzzy feeling that has taken over the busuu team! Follow us on Facebook and Google+ for lots of fun and interesting love-related language posts.

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Words to woo in many languages

Whether you’re in love, looking for romance in a new country or happily single and just want to improve your language skills, we have prepared something for you!

From literary quotes and chat-up lines to romantic questions and useful phrases (like how to say ‘I love you’ in 12 languages), you’ll learn new words and boost your cultural understanding.

Valentine’s Day learning unit

Our Valentine’s Day learning unit will also equip you with all the vocabulary you need to impress someone special in their own language. What better way to get their attention?

The learning unit has all the usual features, including a dialogue, a writing exercise, the busuutalk  chat tool and a review test.

And a secret surprise…

Here at busuu, everyone likes to receive something nice on Valentine’s Day. That’s why we have planned a special surprise just for you, which will be available for one day only!

But it’s a secret (shhh!), so we can’t tell you right now. To find out, be sure to follow busuu on Facebook, Google+ or here on our blog throughout February, our Month of Love.

Do you have a love-related language question? Would you like us to talk about a particular area or topic? Let us know in the comments!