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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Tatjana

    With the neu Busuu page I resive correction question just for english(?) Why??? My native language is russian, I speak german – I did correction in both this languages before. How can I change it??

  2. Giulia

    Hello I am your user for a long time and I have seen the various changes that you have made in the platform busuu.
    With regard to the latter wanted to inform you that the above platform created by a few days is not as easy as you can not understand much but in fact many things which were not now appear more fundamental, such as the age of other users or various information.
    One problem I have noticed but perhaps you still have to solve is the change of profile picture me I can not change it there please provide as soon as possible.
    Finally, I wanted to advise an update regarding the Chat busuu or to insert a notification signal the arrival of a message in the chat.
    I hope that you will modify as soon as the page with these little tricks that I have reported.

    Thank you

  3. Ochre Nee

    I have been a regular user of busuu for the last 18 months and I have enjoyed many happy hours on busuu as a premium member learning French.

    I won’t be using the site anymore as it has gone so far downhill it is out of sight, the new revamp is ugly and disappointing and I can’t bear to look at it, why on earth did you fix a perfectly good, friendly site which wasn’t broken in the first place.

    I do not understand why you have changed it in this way the whole site is ruined I used to log on eagerly every night and now I don’t want to use it any more!

  4. Roman Joier

    I can’t log in, using my IE. My home page is empty and nothing happens. Also, I can’t handle Busuu Chat Lessons anymore, because there are many people who doesn’t speak English (they only think they do). So I spend many hours if somebody accepts my Busuu Chat request. I wish I wouldn’t say that but thumbs down.

  5. Fabia Alves

    Hello Tatjana,

    Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention, please email our customer support team at team@busuu.com, it would be very much appreciated if together with an explanation you could also send some screenshots so the colleagues can better understand the situation and verify this for you.

    Thank you,

  6. Fabia Alves

    Hello Giulia,

    Thank you for your feedback. If you are not able to change the profile picture on your busuu account please send an email to team@busuu.com and our support team will verify this for you.


  7. Fabia Alves

    Hello Ochre Nee,

    Thank you for your honest feedback. We’ve already started to implement some of the most popular features on the old website back in the new site such as the friends online status on busuutalk, also you are now able to see your friends exercises and correct them. Our team is also working on the PDF’s so stay tuned.
    We welcome any suggestions that will help us improve busuu so please just email team@busuu.com

    Have a nice week,

  8. Fabia Alves

    Hello Roman,

    If you are experiencing some technical difficulties please send an email to team@busuu.com. Also you can try to log in with busuu using a different web browser like Google Chrome or Safari.

    Thank you,

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