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11 languages in one! busuu’s completely redesigned app is here

It’s the biggest makeover we’ve ever done on our app, and it’s finally here.


A beautiful new interface

Our vibrant but clear new look makes it easier to find what you want to learn, to check your progress, and to continue where you left off, whilst the lightning quick interface helps you go through your courses faster than ever before. Add to this the fact we have made your exercises more fun to do, this leads to an altogether more motivational language learning experience. And more motivation means finally mastering your favourite languages!

Interact more with other users

We’ve also made it easier to get instant access to your busuu Community. We’ve put ‘My Corrections’ in a handy side menu so it’s readily available for you to check what native speakers think of your work, or help others and make friends!

11 languages in one app!

What’s more, we’ve packed all our mobile courses into one app without compromising on usability. Never before have you been able to learn so many languages in such a fun and easy way.

You’ve got to try it to believe it

Download now for free on iOS from the App Store or Android on Google Play.


Love your learning with busuu Go

To kick off our month of motivation with busuu, we’re talking about ways to improve your love of language learning and keep yourself motivated throughout 2014. In this post we’ll be talking about ways to increase intrinsic motivation, the motivation that comes from within us, as well as some simple things you can do that will help keep your learning on track for the year ahead.

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Be positive

Intrinsic motivation comes from an enjoyment and appreciation of the activity that we are involved in. Here are three ways to help yourself to love your learning with busuu:
1. Believe in yourself. Everyone has the ability to learn another language, it’s just a question of understanding what your strengths are and making the most of them.
2. Take control of your learning. Only you are in charge of your learning and the decisions you make. Realising this can help us make the most of the learning experience.
3. Aim high. Every bit of time you dedicate to your studies takes you a step closer to being excellent in your chosen language. And for that reason, every step should be fun and rewarding in itself.

Set yourself goals

One way to take control of your learning is to set yourself goals. This doesn’t necessarily help you love your learning, but it definitely helps keep you going during the inevitable tough times. With busuu you can set a target of how much you want to learn and also state how much time you want to dedicate to your studies each week. This way you can easily see if you’re on track, and push you to work a bit harder if not.

Let busuu Go help you out

And to help get you started on your journey, here at busuu we’re offering a 20% discount on all Premium memberships during the month of busuu Go. And all this month we’ll be offering you motivational tips and advice on how to make the most of your time with busuu. Together, you and busuu are an unstoppable team!


2013: A great year for busuu and you!


At busuu, we’re a bit like Santa’s elves: we work hard all year round to bring you new language-learning tools and features that help you learn faster and enjoy a better learning experience. In fact, it’s like Christmas every day!

This year, we’ve been especially busy coming up with exciting, fun ideas for the global busuu community. Here’s a round-up of some of the great new products and ways to learn that we introduced just for you in 2013.

New busuu products

We’re always up to date with new trends in language learning. We also find out what you need to help you learn languages anytime, anywhere. The result? Lots of innovative, useful products!

Extra ways to help you learn

As well as our award-winning website and apps for mobiles and tablets on iOS and Android, we want to help you learn in other ways, understand new cultures and stay motivated.

  • We used our blog and social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to share fun facts and learning tips, as well as asking you to get involved!
  • In Language of the Month, we post questions and interesting snippets on one language each month on busuu’s profile on Facebook.
  • Our World of Work series introduces real busuu members who use languages in their jobs.
  • The Language Advent Calendar ran 1-24 December on Facebook, with a new post every day related to Christmas and other winter traditions around the world.
  • We started ‘busuu Go’ on 25 December to help you keep learning and to stick to your New Year’s resolutions going into 2014!

Fun competitions with great prizes

Sometimes, it’s nice to relax and play games — especially if there’s the chance to win a brilliant prize that will help your language learning!

  • In the busuu Easter Egg Hunt (March), we hid 80 Easter eggs throughout our courses. Ten lucky people won 5,000 busuu-berries to spend in our gift shop or to get great discounts.
  • Three talented winners each won a year’s busuu Premium Membership after they entered our Facebook photo competition (April).
  • We gave away a brand new iPhone 5s — complete with full access to all busuu’s mobile apps — in our sweepstake competition on Facebook (October).

busuu milestones in numbers

Since we began in 2008, we have gone from strength to strength to become the world’s biggest online language-learning community. And it’s all down to you — so a huge thank you for being part of busuu!

Helping us to help others

Did you know that our name comes from Busuu, an endangered language in Cameroon, Africa? That’s why, every year, we run a charity campaign in December to raise funds to help provide education for children in that region.

2013 was no different, as you continued learning to earn millions of busuu-berries that we converted into much-needed supplies to send to schools in Cameroon. Our Learn2Help campaign ran 1-20 December and you raised an astonishing 50 million busuu-berries!

What’s next in 2014?

Phew! Can you believe we managed all that in just one year? What was your favourite busuu experience or product in 2013? Which helped you most in learning a new language (or two)? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more exciting news in 2014!



Introducing busuu Go – our month of motivation!

The start of a new year is a great time for new beginnings! As we look forward to 2014 we may be excited about learning a new language, or getting back to a language that we used to study, or maybe just taking our language learning to the next level.  So we introduce to you ‘busuu Go’,  a whole month of motivational ideas, tips, activities and discounts that will help you make the most of your time on busuu and keep you motivated and learning throughout 2014.

1 (1)

What motivates you?

During the month of busuu Go we’ll be looking at the different things which motivate you and helping you benefit from all these different factors. We want to help you love language learning, get motivation from the community, set yourself targets and make the most of the features of busuu.

Keep up to date

During busuu Go, keep an eye on our Facebook page and our twitter feed for regular motivational updates, and watch this space for more blog posts giving you details of how to be the best possible language learner in 2014.

20% discount during busuu Go

And to offer you a little bit of an extra incentive, during the whole of the busuu Go month of motivation, we’re offering a 20% discount on all our premium subscriptions. This will allow you to access all the features of busuu and maximise your language learning in 2014. And with all the new features being launched this year, we’re sure you’re going to love busuu more than ever.

Get involved! Add your comments to this post.


Thank you for helping education in Cameroon!

A huge thank you to all of you who helped us reach our target of 50 million busuu-berries in the Learn2Help campaign this month. Thanks to all your hard work, busuu will provide the Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC) with enough money to build a classroom at their school in Central Cameroon.


Expanding the school

You can be very proud of all your learning this month as every berry helped busuu provide enough money to build a whole classroom for the CAPEC school for low-income families in Central Cameroon. The classroom will be built in the new year and will provide enough space for up to 40 children to learn at the school. The money donated will also provide all the classroom furniture that the pupils need.

Continuing CAPEC’s great work

CAPEC do great work helping to educate and protect young people in an area of Cameroon where literacy rates are low and many families are unable to afford to send their children to school. Here at busuu we are proud of our relationship with this amazing charity and proud of our users for helping us donate so much to such a good cause this month.

Keep up the motivation

And remember that you benefited from your hard work too, with every busuu-berry demonstrating that you’re learning a language with busuu. So keep up the good work and look out for some exciting tips and tools to keep you motivated into 2014!

Share your thoughts with us about this campaign by adding your comments below.