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Everything else! ;-) now has 3,000,000 users!

Time to celebrate, the online community now has more than 3,000,000 users from all over the world!

We have grown rapidly, with over 1,000,000 new users in just 4 months. That is equal to 10,000 new users every day, who all want to teach and learn languages on!

In fact, our online language community is now almost as large as the population of Madrid (where our head office is based). Imagine the whole city writing and correcting exercises on!

Since we started in May 2008, you and the rest of our online community have:

  • earned more than 770 million busuu-berries
  • written or recorded more than 8 million exercises
  • made more than 18 million corrections
  • completed more than 50 million learning unit parts

Assuming that each learning unit part takes around 10 minutes to do, we have already provided over 950 years of language learning. In other words, we covered almost a millennium of language training in just 3 years!

Once again, thank you for your participation and support. We are thrilled to have such a strong community and look forward to continue growing with you. launches free Travel App for iPhone or iPad!

With everybody planning their holidays, has just launched a must-have Travel App for your iPhone/iPad. Our new Travel App will help you find your way during your adventures abroad, be it exploring the big city or relaxing on the beach – and, best of all, it is completely free! Just download the Travel App in your iTunes App Store directly from your iPhone (including the new iOS4, optimized for Retina display), iPod Touch or iPad.

Our new Travel App will help you learn essential words and expressions you need to know when travelling abroad. The App is available for learning Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Polish and English.

iPad Travel App

Of course, you can also earn juicy busuu-berries  while using our new Travel App! Simply synchronise the App with your online profile and your new busuu-berries will be added automatically.


Complete audio-visual learning content

Just as our Apps for the regular courses which have been already downloaded by more than 2m people around the world, our Travel Application offers audio-visual learning content (including pictures and sounds) and can be used even without an Internet connection.


The Travel App contains:

  • Survival Guide: This is a set of useful words and phrases for your holidays. You do not know how to order a glass of wine? Just look it up in your Survival Guide!
  • Vocabulary: As with our regular iPhone Apps, you can flip through key words and phrases. In addition, all learning content is supported by pictures and professional voice-overs.
  • Dialogue: You will have access to typical holiday dialogues spoken by native speakers as well as multiple choice questions to test your reading comprehension skills.
  • Interactive exercises: You can test yourself with our fun and varied reviews!
  • Mistakes overview: The application stores all of your test mistakes to help you focus on your weaknesses and progress much faster with your language learning.


The Travel App includes full access to 15 learning units which are divided into the following 5 courses: “Basic Expressions”, “Transportation”, “Moving Around”, “Money, Shopping and Eating” and “Planning and Accommodation”.

iPad Travel App Survival Guide

So, leave your dictionaries at home and improve your language skills on the way to your holiday destination by downloading our free Travel App now! You can also click on the pictures or follow the links below to download each iPhone application from the iTunes store FOR FREE:




Easter surprises on

From today on you can take advantage of our 10% off Special Easter Promotion to become a Premium Member on Simply use the promotion code OST2010 while upgrading your account and you will get 10% off on all our Premium Memberships.

As a Premium Member you get access to additional tools and features such as PDFs, podcasts, grammar units, customised reviews and much more. But hurry up, this offer is only valid until April 9th 2010.

For Easter, you can also win a one-month Premium Membership. In order to win, you need to find one of the golden eggs we have hidden within our learning units.

If you find one, just click on it and maybe you will be one of the 10 lucky winners of a free one-month Premium Membership on! So don’t wait too much and start your egg hunt now!

Happy Easter from the team!

Generate the inauguration speech for Barack Obama!

Have you ever had to make an important speech in English? Imagine how the newly elected president of the US, Barack Obama, must be feeling with his inaugural speech right around the corner. So, lend him a helping hand by using this funny tool. The results are hilarous!

All you have to do is fill in a form, which asks you to write a number of adjectives, verbs, and nouns which then all come together to generate a speech. So give it ago and help him craft the best inauguration speech ever…

As seen on

The Linguists

You are probably aware that the name busuu derives from a little known Cameroonian language of the same name which is only spoken by 8 people based on an ethnological study conducted in the 1980´s. This name was chosen in the hope that one day would not only be a platform for teaching and learning all the well-known languages of our world, but also for all those less well-known languages which deserve to be preserved – languages such as Busuu. The preservation of minority languages was also the theme of one of the huge successes at The Sundance Film festival in January of this year in the form of the film documentary “The Linguists“.

The documentary follows David Harrison and Gregory Anderson, university professors of linguistics, around the world to try and document languages on the verge of extinction. It is estimated that of approximately 7,000 languages in the world, half will have disappeared by the end of this century. On average, one language disappears every two weeks. This race against time takes David and Greg deep into the heart of the cultures of the communities at stake. They travel to Siberia to record the Chulym language, which hasn’t been heard by outsiders for more than thirty years. The linguists encounter, tribal children in India who attend boarding schools, where they learn Hindi and English and a trade, but are not allowed speak their native tongue. In Bolivia, the Kallawaya language has survived for centuries with fewer than one hundred speakers. The professors try to unlock its secret. We here at hope that one day, in some way; we too can contribute to the preservation and the diversity of languages throughout the world.

Click here to see a trailer of the Linguists: