busuu now has 50 million users worldwide!

busuu 50 million users worlwide!

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve just passed the 50 million users mark! There are now as many people learning languages online with busuu around the world, as there are people in Sweden, Hungary, Portugal, the Czech Republic and the Dominican Republic combined.

Only six years old

It’s a pretty amazing achievement given that busuu was only set up six years ago and it is now the largest online language learning platform across the globe. Up to 40,000 users join busuu every single day!

A fun way to learn

busuu has gone from strength to strength in those six years and is helping millions of people pursue their passion of learning a new language.

Our users have lots of different reasons for learning with us. Some want to learn a new language for work purposes, others want to understand a different culture or improve their career prospects, many use busuu so that they can communicate more easily when they’re on holiday – and more and more people are learning for fun.

We’ve made busuu as interactive and enjoyable as possible, which is one reason it’s so popular!

Learning and teaching

The unique thing about busuu is that you not only get to learn a new language but you also get to help other learners too. Native speakers of the 12 languages you can learn on busuu, are encouraged to help their fellow students by marking their tests and making suggestions.

It’s a great way to get involved in other people’s learning and when someone gives you feedback, it’s really helpful! There’s no better way of learning.

Keeping up to date with us

Millions of our users keep up to date with us via our social media channels, why not join us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and always know first about all our new features and great updates?

Our milestone, Your party

We have reached an amazing milestone but this is only possible because of all of you! We thank you for this amazing feat and as a gift we will be running a special 50% discount campaign on all our premium memberships (except GSET products).

Celebrate with us!

busuu and Pearson partner to bring you the Global Scale of English test (GSET)

busuu and Pearson GSET

Testing your English language proficiency is one click away!

We are delighted to be partnering with Pearson English to bring you a new online language test, GSET (Global Scale of English Test).

As a launch special, we are offering a free test to all our new 12 Month Premium members, so upgrade today to not miss out! All our existing Premium users will have access to one free GSET test on their dashboard.

The GSET will allow you to test your English proficiency online on busuu. As you take the test at different stages of your learning experience, you will be able to track your progress and see how your English skills improve! This is a brand new test that will revolutionise the way your level of English is measured! busuu is currently the only place where you can take this test so you will be one of the first people in the world to take advantage of it!

We advice you to take the test at multiple stages of your learning journey, and as you progress, at the end of each level part, to see how well you are advancing.

The test will be testing all language aspects: listening, reading, speaking and writing. You will go through different types and varieties of motivating exercises that test you on specific skills. The duration of the test is 35 minutes. All you need to take the test is a good internet connection, a headset and microphone. You will be prompted through every type of exercise for a smooth learning experience.

A score delivered based on a global scale

Minutes after completing the test, you will receive an email informing your that your test has been scored. The test score is based on the Global Scale of English (GSE). The GSE is a standardised, granular scale that measures English language proficiency in a way that is consistent and actionable for learners, teachers, and employers.

Unlike other frameworks, which describe attainment in broad bands, the Global Scale of English identifies what a learner can do at each point on the scale across speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.
For instance, a person who has a speaking ability of 29 can identify and order very common food and drink from a menu or someone who scores a 53 can write a letter of complaint.

You would also be able to download a Pearson-busuu Certificate with both your GSE score and your CEFR (Common European Framework) level.

What are you waiting for?

In an effort to make the GSET accessible wherever you are in the world at an affordable price, we are offering it for free as part of the busuu 12 Months Premium membership but also in separate test packs.

So what are you waiting for?

Take the test today to demonstrate your level of English language proficiency with the GSET!

Learn a language and take more out of life!

Learning a new language takes some time and this is only valid if you take into account the dedication that is needed to do it. We live in a world that is all connected and that is transformed into a global village with more than 7000 languages. Most children have the capacity to learn more than one language easily but that shouldn’t stop anyone from expanding their own language skills and get the rewards from it.

learn a new language

You already know some of the benefits of learning a language – if you’re a member of  busuu! But are you aware of some of the less obvious reasons to learn a new language?

There are lots of proven benefits to speaking 2 languages (being bilingual) or more (being multilingual). These include cognitive, social and professional advantages.

  • Develop understanding and respect – by speaking another community’s language, you can really get to understand its culture and traditions. This in turn helps you to develop a fresh perspective on the world and respect for other people – and that can only be a good thing;
  • Boost your brain power – learning a language can help your mind to perform better in other areas too, such as improving memory and problem-solving skills;
  • Discover more opportunities – speaking another language can make jobs, placements and other openings in different countries available to you;
  • Learn another language more easily – if you learn how to speak one language, it may be easier to learn another that is related.

Now that you know some of the benefits of learning a new language, do you feel motivated to start learning after reading this post?

With busuu, you can learn up to 11 languages using our award-winning content and by interacting with native speakers. We make it even simpler, faster and more fun to become bilingual or multilingual!

Back to school wouldn’t be the same without busuu!

busuu back to school

Go back to school with our help :)

Learning a language has never been this easy and fun, so with 25% percent off our Premium memberships you won’t have an excuse to only speak your native language.

Don’t wait too long busuuers, this Back to School promotion will only last until September 10th! Get hold of your membership by clicking here.