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Get into the holiday spirit with our Travel Course!

It’s almost the holiday season! So brush up on your language skills with our interactive Travel Course and get ready to enjoy your adventures abroad!


Learn all the essential words and expressions you need to know when travelling with the following categories:

  • Basic Expressions
  • Transportation
  • Moving around
  • Money, shopping and eating
  • Planning and accommodation

Each of these categories includes 3 learning units. Plus, you get our special Survival guide, a very useful PDF containing survival phrases to carry around while exploring the city.

The Travel Course is available in each of the 12 languages offered on busuu.com. It’s also available in all our mobile apps, so leave your dictionaries at home and improve your language skills on the way to your holiday destination! Download your app now!

busuu.com Travel Course

Access our Travel Course in three easy ways:

  1. Invite your friends
    For free access to the online version, simply invite 10 of your friends to join busuu.com. Once they’ve signed up, you’ll get access straight away!
  2. Buy it now
    If you want immediate access to the Travel Course, buy it now – just choose whether you’d like the online version or the mobile app version!
  3. Become a Premium MemberPremium Membership
    Premium Members automatically have free access to both the online version and the mobile app version of the Travel Course.

Upgrade now to enjoy our full range of award-winning learning tools!

We hope you have lots of fun preparing for your trip with our Travel Course – we’re sure it will get you into the holiday spirit!

New: Learn Arabic on busuu.com!

You can now learn Arabic for free on busuu.com!

Arabic is the fourth most spoken language in the world, with over 500 million speakers. Become one of them and discover a whole new world of travel, with many different cultures and traditions.  Arabic will bring our award-winning language courses to 10 in total. Start learning today and practise your language skills with our growing community of native speakers from around the world!

Learn Arabic for free

Plus, if you’re a native Arabic speaker, you can now use busuu.com in your own language! Simply go to your settings page to change the interface language to Arabic.

How to start learning Arabic for free:

1. Go to Add a new language in your course menu
2. Add Arabic to the languages you learn
3. Click on the new Arabic tree in your garden to start learning

Like all our language courses, the Arabic Course includes the following exercises:

Vocabulary: Learn essential words and expressions audio visually. For the Arabic course, we included phonetics to improve your learning experience. Premium Members can also listen to key phrases.

Dialogue: Improve your reading comprehension with a fun dialogue, followed by questions to test your understanding. Premium Members can also listen to the audio version.

Writing exercise: Develop your writing skills by creating a short text for other users to correct.

busuu-talk: Connect with native speakers via our integrated video-chat application, which allows you to chat online or even talk to other users in the busuu.com community.

Review: Test how much you have learnt with a short quiz and win busuu-berries!

PDF: Print out a PDF of all the grammar and learning units, so that you can keep studying even when offline. This tool is only available to Premium Members.

Podcast: Listen to podcasts of the vocabulary, example sentences and dialogues of all the grammar and learning units. This tool is only available to Premium Members.

Voice recording: You can practise your pronunciation, by recording a character’s part in a dialogue, and posting it for native speakers to correct you. Voice recording is only available for Premium Members

In addition to the usual benefits, Premium MembersPremium Member can access a new alphabet tutorial with tips and exercises for learning how to write and pronounce Arabic letters. Upgrade now to start learning even more efficiently!

We hope you have fun learning Arabic with us!