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We reached 100,000 fans of busuu.com on Facebook!

Our community is not only growing rapidly on busuu.com but also on our Facebook page. Last weekend we reached 100,000 fans and as a ‘thank you‘, we prepared a special surprise for our Facebook fans.

Do you want to know more? Become a fan yourself and check out the last posts on our wall to take advantage of this special surprise until the 7th of August 2011!

Being a busuu.com fan, you will learn how to say “Have a nice holiday” or other expressions in many different languages. You can also tell us what you know about the culture of the language that you are learning. Of course, you can apply your busuu.com vocabulary and participate in our language quizzes, where you will have to name for example five animals in Spanish or five pieces of clothing in French.

Or just take it easy and contemplate how busuu-berries taste like. Here our favourites of the most creative answers:

  • They taste like the feeling we get when we take them after a lesson! It is just the best taste! :) :)
  • It’s a universal berry. It tastes like whatever you want!
  • Like blackberry but more tasty

Don’t forget to add our “I love busuu” badge to your Facebook profile badge to show everybody just how much you love busuu.com :) Just click on the link below to access it.


Connect busuu.com with facebook!

We are glad to announce that you can now connect your busuu.com account with your facebook account!


You probably all know facebook – with more than 300 million users, this website is the largest social network worldwide. Once you register for free you can upload photos, add friends and thereby stay connected with people from all over the world.

Now you can connect your busuu-account with your facebook-account:

1. Log into your busuu.com account with your facebook account

All you need to do is to connect your busuu.com and facebook account. The process is very easy – next time you log on to busuu.com simply click on the new button on our homepage: F_connect

2. Share your learning progress with your facebook friends.

Additionally, you have the option to share your learning progress with all your friends on facebook! Every time you earn new busuu-berries, receive stars or badges, you can share this directly on your facebook wall with your facebook friends. Just click on the new button F_share next to your busuu-berry counter.

We hope that you like this new feature and enjoy sharing your language progress with your friends on facebook.

PS: You can also become a fan of busuu.com on facebook!

busuu.com at the E-Teachers conference about Communities and the Power of Crowdsourcing

logo-e-teachers-conference Last week we had the pleasure to be invited by Kirsten Winkler, one of the leading bloggers and opinion leaders of this newly born online language learning industry, to present our ideas about Communities and the  Power of Crowdsourcing within a web conference.

A part from busuu.com, the founders of other great websites like Languages Out ThereWiziq and Italki also shared their opinion about that topic with more than 40 people joining this web conference from all over the world. By Crowdsourcing one understands the possibility of “outsourcing” different tasks to a community. A famous example is definitely Facebook which uses its community for translating the interface language into different languages.

We from busuu.com have just recently started to use the knowledge of our community for translating our learning content. We have treated this topic with great care as we always want to offer only high quality language learning material to our users. Therefore we ensured strong quality control systems in order to prevent mistakes. We are currently making a test with Brazilian Portuguese so in case you are a native speaker of that language and would like to volunteer for helping us with the translation of our learning content, please send an email to team[at]busuu[dot]com.

The conference was highly interesting  and you can find all the presentations  and more detailed information of this webconference here.

We want to thank Kirsten for the great organisation of this event and we are looking forward to more E-Teacher conferences in the future. As this industry is so new and we are all trying to find the right way we can only learn from each other by just sharing our ideas and thoughts.