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busuu.com collaborates with IE Business School

IE Business School

busuu.com is proud to announce a new partnership agreement with IE Business School based in Madrid.

From today, all new MBA students will receive a six-month premium membership with busuu.com sponsored by IE Business School.

This collaboration is a very important milestone for our young company! 
Since our launch in May 2008, busuu.com is now able to provide a high standard and awarded language learning system used not only by more than 200,000 individuals but now also by top ranked universities.

In the case of IE, busuu.com perfectly meets the specific needs of their MBA students. 90% come from outside of Spain and many are interested in learning Spanish during their 13-month MBA. busuu.com provides them with the 6-month premium membership prior to the start of the program. This means that the students already have the chance to improve their Spanish skills even when they are still in their home countries worldwide. By the time they arrive in Spain, they have already acquired the necessary skills and may even have made contacts with our Spanish users via our platform, providing a “soft landing” in their new base country.

IE Business School once again takes the lead as one of the most innovative business schools around the world. For many years, IE has been ranked among the top Business Schools worldwide. It is currently ranked as No. 1 Business School in the World according to the Wall Street Journal and No. 3 in Europe according to the Financial Times. Without doubt, this school belongs to the international educational elite. IE clearly understands the needs of its students and the advantages of our innovative learning system.

Although we know the excellence of IE very well – both of the founders of busuu.com are alumni of this school and the whole idea of busuu.com evolved during our MBA – we were impressed by the speed of implementation and their deep understanding and interest in new technologies.

As Santiago Iñiguez, Dean of IE Business School, stated: “We are very glad to offer this highly innovative form of language learning to our MBA students. Apart from the excellent fit with the needs of our students, busuu.com is the perfect example of successful start-ups created in our school.”

We recently produced a video with IE to talk about our “life after our MBA”, which we would like to share with you:

So finally we would like to thank IE Business School for their belief in our learning system, we warmly welcome all new MBA students to busuu.com and we are looking forward to more collaboration partnerships of this kind.

busuu.com case at Instituto de Empresa Business School

Today, the two Co-Founders of busuu.com, Adrian & Bernhard, visited Instituto de Empresa Business School to listen to the final presentations of the MBA students who were working on busuu.com as final case within their marketing class.

It was a pleasure for us to be invited by this prestigious university which according to the Financial Times is ranked as 3rd best business school in Europe and 6th best in the world. Obviously it was very nice as well for us to “be back in class” as both of the founders graduated from this university and the whole idea of busuu.com was developed during our MBA program.

Adrian & Bernhard with MBA Students at Instituto de Empresa

We were highly impressed by the top quality of the presentations and the in-depth analysis the students have conducted. We are very pleased to use many of those excellent recommendations to further define the future strategy of our company and want to thank all the students for their amazing participation! Strong A+ from our side! ;-)