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New: learn Japanese with busuu.com!

To celebrate the New Year, you can now learn Japanese for free on busuu.com!

Japanese is the mother tongue of over 130 million people and the 10th most spoken language in the world.

Japanese Course

It’s easy to learn too (it doesn’t use genders, articles or plurals)! To make it even easier, we offer our content in the Latin alphabet in addition to the Japanese script. As usual, you can listen to the pronunciation of the vocabulary words. Premium MembersPremium Member also have access to the audio of our key phrases and dialogues. This, in combination with the Latin transcription, will sharpen your understanding of the Japanese pronunciation.

When starting to learn Japanese, it’s best to start with Hiragana, which is a basic Japanese alphabet that represents a specific sound. Each sound does not have any meaning by itself. On busuu.com we teach Hiragana to introduce you to the Japanese language. Learning Hiragana alongside with the Latin transcription, you will be able to have a perfect conversation in Japanese.

Learn Japanese

So learn over 3,000 Japanese words and key phrases on busuu.com and try out what you’ve learnt with our growing community of native speakers.
Start learning Japanese now!

It’s really easy to start learning Japanese:
1. Go to ‘Add a new language‘ in your course menu.
2. Add ‘Japanese‘ to the languages you learn.
3. Click on the new Japanese tree in your garden to start learning.

Premium MembersPremium Member have all the usual benefits, such as PDFs, podcasts, voice recording exercises and much more. Not a Premium MemberPremium Member yet? Use our 15% new year discount to upgrade to Premium now!

Learn Japanese

And if you’re a native Japanese speaker, you can now use busuu.com in Kanji! Just go to your settings page to change the interface language to Japanese.

Short explanation for non-natives:
The modern Japanese script is called Kanji, it’s a logographic form of writing, meaning that it does not use letters but symbols that represent ideas and concepts. Each Kanji has a specific meaning.

We’re excited to start 2012 with the launch of Japanese. That means we now offer 11 languages in total! Are you as excited as us? Start learning now and upgrade to PremiumPremium Member with our 15% new year discount to learn even faster!

busuu.com wishes you a merry Christmas

From everyone at busuu.com, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays! We hope that wherever you are in the world, you get to enjoy your winter holiday and have time to relax!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas, Navidad, Weihnachten, Natale, Noël, Boże Narodzenie!  Over 2.2 billion people worldwide are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ every year! Give your Christmas holidays an extra note! With our busuu.com Christmas special learning unit you can celebrate Christmas in a different language and you will learn how to order a mullet wine and make your Christmas wishes in the language you are learning. Check out our Christmas vocabulary now!

Looking beyond presents, Santa Claus and Christmas trees, do you know the origin of these traditions and the different ways people all over the world celebrate Christmas?

Christmas PresentThe Christmas Eve on the 24th of December commemorates the evening before Christ’s birth, which is said to be December 25th, however the precise day is unknown. Most of us can’t imagine a Christmas without giving and receiving presents. Billions of people exchange gifts over Christmas, but in different countries there are different days for this ceremony.

Christmas PresentsIn Germany, where the Santa Claus is called Weihnachtsmann, traditionally presents are exchanged on the evening of the 24th of December. In the USA, the big moment is on the morning of Christmas day itself. In other countries like Spain people have to wait two weeks longer for their presents, until the 6th of January, also called the Twelfth Day. If you are still looking for a present, remember that we are offering a special 20% Christmas discount on our six-month vouchers. Only until the 31st of December 2011!

You want to congratulate your friends from different countries in their own language? Use our busuu.com dictionary! Just select the language and put in ‘Merry Christmas’ to see the translation with sound and picture. This way you improve your pronunciation and will easily remember the word! By clicking on the different flags on the bottom of the page, you can see the translation for all the languages we offer on busuu.com.

busuu.com dictionary

The Christmas Unit includes all our usual exercises and if you’re a Premium MemberPremium Member, you can of course download the vocabulary in PDF and MP3 format. We wish you lots of fun learning with busuu.com about Christmas!

We are curious to learn more about the different celebrations all around the world. Tell us how you celebrate Christmas and how you say “Merry Christmas” in your language.

Merry Christmas everybody!