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Get your berries!

We have implemented a new system to motivate you even more with your language learning: busuu-berries, Stars and Badges!


We will now reward your language learning efforts and your help to others with some sweet berries!

berry You will get busuu-berries each time you do a learning unit or correct a writing exercise on www.busuu.com.
star_large Depending on your number of busuu-berries, you will receive Stars – or even Diamonds!
berry_buttons But you can also send your busuu-berries to a friend in order to motivate him. So you shouldn’t keep all this delicious berries for yourself, share them as well with your friends!

And that´s not all – you can also receive special busuu-badges to reward specific activitiessuch as correcting a lot of posts, having finished a course or having a lot of friends. (Take a look at the detail of each badge)


An extra 10 busuu-berries have been granted to each of our users as a gift to celebrate this new system!

You can easily find out how many busuu-berries, Stars and badges you already have based on your past performance by connecting on www.busuu.com!

We hope you all like our new reward system andwould be pleased to receive your feedback.

Enjoy language learning with busuu.com!

Now you can submit your written exercises to your busuu.com friends for correction!

On the continuing quest to improve the busuu.com functionality, the busy busuu.com programmers have come up with a novel idea in the writing section of the learning units.
Now, having done your writing exercise, you have the possibility of sending your work to be corrected by a busuu.com friend!

Just click on the “Submit and notify Friends” button and you can choose up to three friends to send your post to.The post will be sent directly to the busuu.com inbox of your chosen friend.

This way, you can guarantee that your post will be corrected and best of all, by a friend!So now you have no excuses. Start writing!

busuu.com is officially accepted as project for the UNESCO´s International Year of Languages!

We are very proud to announce that busuu.com has been accepted as an official project of the UNESCO International Year of Languages.

UNESCO International Year of Languages As you may be aware, 2008 was proclaimed the International Year of Languages by the General Assembly of the United Nations who named UNESCO as the lead agency. The main aim of the International Year of Languages is to take action to promote multilingualism which is why busuu.com was accepted as an official partner!

Not alone that, as you will recently have seen on busuu.com, the initiative to promote endangered languages such as Silbo Gomero, which is also in keeping with UNESCO’s Programme on Safeguarding Endangered Languages as well as the UNESCO programme of Multilingualism in Cyberspace.

As part of this commitment for multilingualism, busuu.com plans to increase the languages available on the website within the near future because we also absolutely agree that “languages matter”!