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Enjoy your new 20% discount!

We have decided to extend the discount and to give you a huge 20% off all our language-learning products until 15 February 2013.

This means that you can get a year’s Premium Membership for only 4.67 EUR per month.

It is really easy to claim your discount:

  • Go to our subscribe page
  • Choose one or more products
  • Submit your order (the discount will be automatically applied)

Remember that this offer is until 15 February 2013! Upgrade now!

New iPad app: learn English, for kids!

With the brand new busuu.com iPad app for kids, children will have fun while quickly and easily learning 150 English words. Educate, engage and entertain at the same time!

Our very first language-learning product for children teaches 150 words of English through a carefully structured course of 30 learning units, packed full of exciting educational games. And you can download the basic version for free!

A magical growing garden to reward learning. The busuu.com Kids app can be a shared experience: progress can be monitored at a glance in the child’s very own language-learning garden. Children will be delighted to watch their garden flourish as they learn, motivating them to continue.

Every time the child completes an exercise, a watering can will water a flower in their language garden to make it grow. And each plant holds a secret to discover – their flowers are faces made out of fun vocabulary pictures, created to make the kids laugh!

Stimulating activities, at home or on the go. Colourful illustrations by leading artists and audio recordings by a professional voice actor all create a stimulating and engaging learning environment. There are also plenty of animations to make sure children stay interested. The use of text is limited and all the exercises are clear and self-explanatory, so that they can easily complete the activities without guidance. No need to help – they can amuse themselves and learn wherever they are, whether at home or in the car.

Download our free iPad app for kids now! Designed by experts, made for children

Each lesson follows a specially developed 5-step methodology to help kids:

  • discover new words
  • learn vocabulary
  • test understanding
  • get training in spelling and phonetics
  • create fun works of art with new words.


Download the free basic version now!

The basic busuu.com iPad app for children is free and includes 3 learning units. Once you have downloaded it, you can choose to upgrade for the full course of 30 learning units. Hours of fun and education – all for less than the price of an equivalent children’s book. The learning units cover engaging topics such as farm animals, clothes, toys and the weather.

Download the free busuu.com iPad app for kids from the app store

busuu.com apps reach 10 million downloads!

In less than two years, our apps for Android, iPhone and iPads have already been downloaded over 10 million times! And every day we register 20,000 new downloads!

This is really exciting news and we would like to thank you all for your active participation!

busuu.com apps

The apps are the perfect solution for on-the-go language learning, especially in summer. Improve your language skills with native speakers wherever you are, whether at the beach or on your way to work. Download the app now!

Each app includes interactive and audio-visual learning tools such as:

  • Vocabulary
  • Dialogues
  • Writing exercises
  • Interactive Tests

It also includes 20 free learning units. The complete courses can be purchased within the app. For Premium Members, the full content is activated automatically! Upgrade now!

busuu.com apps

Connect with over 18 million members using busuu.com online or via the app, by sending writing exercises to native speakers for correction. You can now also connect your app to Facebook to share your learning progress with your friends!

The app not only includes our regular courses from A1 to B2 but also our Travel Course! Get ready for your holidays with our busuu.com Apps and download your own version here!

The apps can be used without an Internet connection and can be synchronised with your online profile on busuu.com. They are available for English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin, Turkish and Polish.

So download your free app now and have fun learning languages with native speakers wherever you are!

New review types and customizable tests available on busuu.com

We are continuously improving our language learning platform and today we have launched some great new functionalities.

First of all, we have added two new review types to our exams. Apart from the 5 existing ways to test your language skills you will now find a review type where you have to create a word out of several letters (like in Scrabble). Additionally, there is a second new review type where you have to match phrases with the correct translation. Please find below screen shots of the new review types:

                  Create a word:                                        Match the phrases:

With this interactive and complete language exams, busuu.com will test your vocabulary knowledge, your writing skills, your listening comprehension and your understanding of the syntax. All this in currently five different languages comprising more than 3,500 vocabularies in each of those languages.

Additionally, we offer now the possibility to create your own customized review! This great new functionality is only available if you are a premium user.

You now have the possibility to create your own individual test by choosing the content and the review type you want. You first decide to be tested either on specific units, on your mistakes or on your marked vocabulary. You then choose among our 7 different review types.

With this new functionality you train only specific skills according to your individual needs! You find your customizable review in your language area - try it out now!

We are convinced that those new tools will further boost your language skills! Stay tuned, more exciting features are about to be launched very soon!

Track your studies with your Individual Progress Report

We are very happy to announce the launch of a very exciting feature we have been developing for quite some time – the Individual Progress Report!

busuu.com Progress Report

We all know it so well – language learning can be a tedious task and if we don´t “kick” ourselves from time to time we tend to forget about it…

As your learning effort has a direct impact on the size of your language trees at busuu.com, forgetting about your language studies makes your language garden look like a desert rather than a flourishing forest.

That´s why we have developed a weekly, individual email report which gives you a detailed overview of your learning progress and it contains a short test of the vocabulary you have learned previously.

So it´s at the same time a motivational tool as well as a learning tool.

Let´s have a look what exactly offers the new progress report:

1. Individual per language

You receive an individual progress report per language you study at busuu.com. So if you learn French and Spanish you receive two separate reports detailing your French and your Spanish progress. Obviously you can cancel the subscription to all your reports, or only to one individual report at any time in you email notification settings.

2. Overall history

First we will show you your overall learning progress in that specific language. You will see the number of learning units you have finished and the number of vocabulary you have learned so far. There you can really see your vocabulary growing every week! The numbers are shown for the last 7 days and for your overall time as a member of busuu.com.

overall progress

2. Your progress

In the next part, you will find the development of your position within the ranking. As you know, your ranking is based on your learning progress as well as on your activity as a tutor for other members of the community (by correcting their writing posts in your native language).

3. The weekly challenge

In this part we will ask you to choose the correct translation of one of the vocabularies you have studied in the last 7 days. You will immediately get the answer without the need of logging into your account. It´s a very simple and quick way of reviewing the vocabularies you have recently studied.

weekly challenge

4. Your vocabulary and your mistakes

As you know, you can mark vocabularies of our learning material in order to review them seperately or print them out as a pdf. Additionally, we will track all the mistakes you have made during the test section of a learning unit and again, you can review them separately to get rid of them (otherwise those little bugs will eat your trees!). In the progress report we provide you with a direct link to review the marked vocabularies or the mistakes and to print out a pdf in case you are a Premium Member.

your marked vocabulary

5. Next steps

Finally, we will recommend you the next learning unit you should enter according to our language course structure. Again, you have the possibility to directly enter the unit or download directly a pdf in case you are a Premium Member.

What´s next?

As you can see, the new Progress Report is full of great features! It motivates you in your language learning and provides you as well with learning tools to access your learning material more easily and to review directly what you have learned previously.

So there should be no excuse any more to let dry-out your poor language trees – help them to grow and blossom as fast as you can!

We really hope you like this new feature and are looking forward to your feedback!