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Cross-language relationships – plus special offer!

Intercultural relationships are on the rise, so what better day than Valentine’s Day to celebrate them here at busuu? They can be an enriching – and very funny – experience, so we asked busuu users about the benefits of learning their partner’s language.

We also have a special Valentine’s Day 2-for-1 offer, available for 24 hours only – keep reading to find out more! And don’t forget to boost your language skills with our Valentine’s Day learning unit. Perfect for impressing someone special!

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Enjoy the best of both worlds

As well as learning more words for ‘I love you’, busuu users in a relationship with someone from another country said they also experience a new way of thinking and living. You can pick the best bits from each other’s culture to create your own unique one!

“We bring two different cultures, and this enriches both of us,” says Oula, a Lebanese-Canadian married to a Venezuelan. Marta from Italy adds: “After two-and-a-half years, my Spanish partner is used to early dinner times and now he likes the Italian way of life.”

Connect with family and friends

Learning your partner’s native language and sharing their culture won’t just bring you closer together; you’ll also be able to get to know their family and friends, who will likely be extremely supportive and appreciative of your efforts.

“I’m part of a warm, welcoming family that isn’t afraid to have a laugh and a joke when I mess up speaking Arabic,” says Johnathan, a Britishman whose wife’s family is Yemeni. “Everyone understands that I’m still a beginner!”

Learn from your own personal tutor

Nothing beats practising with a native speaker, including your boyfriend or girlfriend. They can be a valuable help when you’re working hard to learn their language – but you can also be a source of entertainment!

“My Spanish partner is trying to learn Italian by just talking with my family, and it’s really funny,” says Marta. “He creates words that don’t exist and we all just laugh together!”

Johnathan adds: “My wife would get me to repeat words. I now realise this was for her own amusement, because I would walk around repeating them without knowing they were offensive!”

Laugh at the differences

When you know your partner’s culture, it’s easier to understand different ways of communicating. As Briton Helen, married to an Argentinian, observes: “Spanish is very direct and can sound like giving orders, which causes me to be a bit put out sometimes.”

On other occasions, the misunderstandings can be entirely grammatical. “I always say ‘I am smart’ instead of saying ‘I am ready’, due to wrongly using the verb ‘to be’ in Spanish,” adds Oula. “You can imagine the rest!”

There are less obvious cultural differences too. “I have my own separate ‘special’ dish of less spicy food,” says Johnathan of visits to his wife’s Arabic family. Irma from Lithuania, whose partner is from Germany, comments: “Germans have a completely different sense of humour to me.”

Realise love is more than words

Being able to communicate via a shared language is essential for successful relationships. But you also realise that they are based on more than words alone and you only need a few phrases to establish a connection.

“It was a miracle we were able to start a relationship with such initial language barriers,” says Henri from Luxembourg, who’s married to Alejandra, a Mexican. “But we realised that it’s not always necessary to speak to understand each other.”

As Belgian Julie – who met her boyfriend from Columbia on busuu – adds: “Love is not a matter of country or language; love doesn’t have boundaries.”

Special 2-for-1 offer – one day only!

To help both you and your partner learn and improve in each other’s language, we have a special 24-hour promotion: buy a Premium membership for yourself and get another completely free!

Of course, it’s not only for couples; if you upgrade, you can give the second Premium membership to anyone you choose. But don’t forget: it’s available only on 14 February 2014. Find out more and upgrade to Premium now.

Are you in an intercultural relationship? Have you learnt your partner’s language, or are they learning yours? Tell us about your experiences in the comments! You can also take part in our Month of Love on Facebook and Google+.

Happy Valentine’s Day

In Madrid it’s freezing cold, it’s great to have a day to celebrate love and spread warmth amongst your dear ones. Valentine’s day may be controversial for some of you, but let’s forget the commercial side of it and have a look at its roots!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The truth is, little is known about St. Valentine, we don’t even know which of the many St.Valentines we are actually commemorating! Believe it or not, there were as many as 14 martyred saints of ancient Rome called Valentine. However, what we do know is that St. Valentine was buried on February 14 on the Via Flaminia, an ancient road that leads from Rome to Rimini.

So the fact is that St. Valentine’s Day does not have romantic roots whatsoever. Luckily, love doesn’t rely on historical facts to create legends and so it happened that in the Middle Ages the story of St. Valentine was romanticised. Legend has it that St. Valentine was a priest in the times of the Roman Emperor Claudius II (213 –270 AD). The Emperor had forbidden marriage in order to create a strong army of single warriors focused on war and nothing else but war. Priest Valentine fought for love instead and resisted the order of Claudius II by secretly marrying young couples.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

And this is how we got to celebrate the day of love. To get you in the mood, we are featuring a special Valentine’s unit! Try it out now and find out how to say “I am crazy about you” in the language you are learning. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a bilingual relationship or not, our Valentine’s unit will surely come in very handy for you: Surprise your partner with love declarations in as many as twelve languages!

Have a look at our special busuu.com I-love-you list in all the languages we offer:

Ich liebe dich
Te quiero
Je t’aime
Ti amo
Eu amo você
Я тебя люблю
Kocham cię
Seni seviyorum
わたし は あなた を あいしています
I love you

Do you know how to say “I love you” in another language than those listed above? Feel free to add more “I love yous” to our list! And if you have a special Valentine story to share, we’d love to hear that too!