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15% discount and motivational tips for language learning

The holidays are almost over and this is the perfect time for brushing up on your language skills to get ahead with schoolwork or make your CV stand out!

To motivate you, we are offering a back-to-school promotion – enjoy a 15% discount on all our products until 15 September 2012!

discount motivation


To get you in the mood, here are our busuu.com top 10 motivational tips!

  1. Set a goal – With My Goal your progress is monitored and you will receive personalised messages to give you a motivational boost when you need it most!
  2. Do a busuu Challenge – Motivate yourself and your friends to continue learning and challenge each other to finish 3 learning units within 24 hours.
  3. Be creative – Describe our daily updated pictures from National Geographic and discuss them with native speakers.
  4. Learn by playing – Check out the memory game on busuu.com and play by yourself or with others!
  5. Talk to native speakers – In the busuu-talk you’ll find lots of people who will help you achieve fluency in the language you are learning!
  6. Watch a video unit - Pick out an interesting topic and write a review about it. Your desire to express your opinion will give you extra motivation!
  7. Have a ‘foreign language’ day – Immerse yourself in the culture of the language you are learning: watch a foreign movie in the original language, listen to songs, or cook a typical foreign meal.
  8. Share your progress – Have you just set a goal or finished a learning unit? Be proud of your achievement and share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.
  9. Be brave – Everybody makes mistakes when learning a foreign language, so help out others by correcting their posts. They will do the same for you!

…and the best motivation to kick-start your language learning again:

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Did we miss a motivational tip? Just add your own tips to our list!


Update: busuu.com collaborates with NGO in Cameroon

As you probably already know, in September 2009 we won the European Language Label for innovative projects in language learning.

The award was compensated with 1,500 EUR, which we donated to the Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child. The money was used to construct a classroom for underprivileged children.

Children school

The work has now been finished, and we are very proud that we could make our small contribution.

Christmas is the perfect time to help others, so if you are also interested in supporting the impressive work done by CAPEC, you can find more information here. You can collaborate in several ways like sponsoring a child for a school year, financing summer programs for the orphans, or even volunteering in their school as a teacher.

We already wish all of you, the team of CAPEC and the little children from their school a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Silbo Gomero

As we here at busuu.com are committed to the preservation of minority languages, we have decided to include a new section on the almost extinct language of Silbo Gomero on our website! Silbo Gomero, however, is not any ordinary language. There are no words and there is no written form! Silbo Gomero is an almost extinct, whistled language from the island of la Gomera in the Spanish Canary Islands. It translates Spanish into whistled tunes but, as it is phonetic, it could be used for any other language. This amazing form of communication has existed for centuries and was used to communicate across the steep mountains and deep valleys of the island. While spoken words can only be heard up to a distance of 200 metres, the Silbo Gomero whistle can be heard up to a distance of 8 kilometres!

We have produced a short video which explains the history of this charming language. Click on the video below to have a look:

busuu.com is dedicated to the diversity of languages so we are helping Silbo Gomero in its fight against extinction. Why you don’t help Silbo too and try to learn some of this amazing form of communication by having a look at the Silbo Learning Unit here.

Once you have progressed with your Silbo skills, send us your own Silbo YouTube videos to team@busuu.com and we will put the best ones up on our website!

So start whistling and help busuu.com keep Silbo Gomero alive!

The Linguists

You are probably aware that the name busuu derives from a little known Cameroonian language of the same name which is only spoken by 8 people based on an ethnological study conducted in the 1980´s. This name was chosen in the hope that one day busuu.com would not only be a platform for teaching and learning all the well-known languages of our world, but also for all those less well-known languages which deserve to be preserved – languages such as Busuu. The preservation of minority languages was also the theme of one of the huge successes at The Sundance Film festival in January of this year in the form of the film documentary “The Linguists“.

The documentary follows David Harrison and Gregory Anderson, university professors of linguistics, around the world to try and document languages on the verge of extinction. It is estimated that of approximately 7,000 languages in the world, half will have disappeared by the end of this century. On average, one language disappears every two weeks. This race against time takes David and Greg deep into the heart of the cultures of the communities at stake. They travel to Siberia to record the Chulym language, which hasn’t been heard by outsiders for more than thirty years. The linguists encounter, tribal children in India who attend boarding schools, where they learn Hindi and English and a trade, but are not allowed speak their native tongue. In Bolivia, the Kallawaya language has survived for centuries with fewer than one hundred speakers. The professors try to unlock its secret. We here at busuu.com hope that one day, in some way; we too can contribute to the preservation and the diversity of languages throughout the world.

Click here to see a trailer of the Linguists: www.thelinguists.com