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Get your berries!

We have implemented a new system to motivate you even more with your language learning: busuu-berries, Stars and Badges!


We will now reward your language learning efforts and your help to others with some sweet berries!

berry You will get busuu-berries each time you do a learning unit or correct a writing exercise on www.busuu.com.
star_large Depending on your number of busuu-berries, you will receive Stars – or even Diamonds!
berry_buttons But you can also send your busuu-berries to a friend in order to motivate him. So you shouldn’t keep all this delicious berries for yourself, share them as well with your friends!

And that´s not all – you can also receive special busuu-badges to reward specific activitiessuch as correcting a lot of posts, having finished a course or having a lot of friends. (Take a look at the detail of each badge)


An extra 10 busuu-berries have been granted to each of our users as a gift to celebrate this new system!

You can easily find out how many busuu-berries, Stars and badges you already have based on your past performance by connecting on www.busuu.com!

We hope you all like our new reward system andwould be pleased to receive your feedback.

Enjoy language learning with busuu.com!

New features on busuu.com!

We are very excited to announce the launch of new features on busuu.com!

Over the past weeks we have been very busy in improving our website and thanks to the input of many users we are proud to launch the following improvements:

1. New learning unit browser: Now you can only study a maximum of 5 learning units at a time! Finding new learning units will be much easier and you won’t get lost in the units you have previously started. Additionally, you can now remove learning units from your unit pool in case you want to finish them later.
2. Tagged vocabulary: With this new feature you can create your individual vocabulary pool by tagging all the vocabulary you would like to learn specifically! Just click on the images while you are doing the vocabulary session and they will be automatically saved to your individual vocabularies. You can then directly review those tagged vocabularies whenever you want to.
3. My mistakes: Whenever you make a mistake during the review session, this vocabulary will be automatically added to “your mistakes”. So you will have the possibility to study only the words you didn’t know – when you get them right the next time, they will automatically disappear from the mistakes list.
4. Dialogue: We have now added a dialogue session where you can test your reading comprehension. A short dialogue will be followed by three multiple choice questions where you can show whether you understood the text or not.
5. Finished units: Once you complete all 5 sessions (vocabulary, writing, dialogue, busuu-talk and review) of a learning unit, it will be automatically added to “your finished units”. If you completely finish 5 learning units you will receive a gift for your language garden. The functionality of the gifts is still a secret and will be launched very soon in the next version of busuu.com!! ;-))

We hope you like the improvements we have made and are looking forward to your comments!