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Connect busuu.com with facebook!

We are glad to announce that you can now connect your busuu.com account with your facebook account!


You probably all know facebook – with more than 300 million users, this website is the largest social network worldwide. Once you register for free you can upload photos, add friends and thereby stay connected with people from all over the world.

Now you can connect your busuu-account with your facebook-account:

1. Log into your busuu.com account with your facebook account

All you need to do is to connect your busuu.com and facebook account. The process is very easy – next time you log on to busuu.com simply click on the new button on our homepage: F_connect

2. Share your learning progress with your facebook friends.

Additionally, you have the option to share your learning progress with all your friends on facebook! Every time you earn new busuu-berries, receive stars or badges, you can share this directly on your facebook wall with your facebook friends. Just click on the new button F_share next to your busuu-berry counter.

We hope that you like this new feature and enjoy sharing your language progress with your friends on facebook.

PS: You can also become a fan of busuu.com on facebook!

Get your berries!

We have implemented a new system to motivate you even more with your language learning: busuu-berries, Stars and Badges!


We will now reward your language learning efforts and your help to others with some sweet berries!

berry You will get busuu-berries each time you do a learning unit or correct a writing exercise on www.busuu.com.
star_large Depending on your number of busuu-berries, you will receive Stars – or even Diamonds!
berry_buttons But you can also send your busuu-berries to a friend in order to motivate him. So you shouldn’t keep all this delicious berries for yourself, share them as well with your friends!

And that´s not all – you can also receive special busuu-badges to reward specific activitiessuch as correcting a lot of posts, having finished a course or having a lot of friends. (Take a look at the detail of each badge)


An extra 10 busuu-berries have been granted to each of our users as a gift to celebrate this new system!

You can easily find out how many busuu-berries, Stars and badges you already have based on your past performance by connecting on www.busuu.com!

We hope you all like our new reward system andwould be pleased to receive your feedback.

Enjoy language learning with busuu.com!

New animated language garden online!

Sweating through the hot summer in Madrid has finally paid off….we are very happy to announce the launch of the new animated language garden!!

The new language garden contains the following functions:

  1. Let your trees grow!
The more learning units you have finished and the more active you are within the community, the bigger your language tree will be. Your performance will be thereby directly compared to the community.
  2. Get some gifts for your Language Garden!
Of course you will be rewarded for your efforts! For every five learning units you successfully complete, you will receive a gift for your language garden. Surprise yourself with what you can find in your garden.
  3. Fight the bugs!
Whenever you make mistakes within the review session, nasty bugs will attack your trees. If you don’t study your vocabulary properly, your trees will be slowly eaten up…

We are very convinced that with these innovations, learning languages at busuu.com will be even more fun and motivating.

Hopefully you will like it and as always we look forward to your comments!