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Get into the holiday spirit with our Travel Course!

It’s almost the holiday season! So brush up on your language skills with our interactive Travel Course and get ready to enjoy your adventures abroad!


Learn all the essential words and expressions you need to know when travelling with the following categories:

  • Basic Expressions
  • Transportation
  • Moving around
  • Money, shopping and eating
  • Planning and accommodation

Each of these categories includes 3 learning units. Plus, you get our special Survival guide, a very useful PDF containing survival phrases to carry around while exploring the city.

The Travel Course is available in each of the 12 languages offered on busuu.com. It’s also available in all our mobile apps, so leave your dictionaries at home and improve your language skills on the way to your holiday destination! Download your app now!

busuu.com Travel Course

Access our Travel Course in three easy ways:

  1. Invite your friends
    For free access to the online version, simply invite 10 of your friends to join busuu.com. Once they’ve signed up, you’ll get access straight away!
  2. Buy it now
    If you want immediate access to the Travel Course, buy it now – just choose whether you’d like the online version or the mobile app version!
  3. Become a Premium MemberPremium Membership
    Premium Members automatically have free access to both the online version and the mobile app version of the Travel Course.

Upgrade now to enjoy our full range of award-winning learning tools!

We hope you have lots of fun preparing for your trip with our Travel Course – we’re sure it will get you into the holiday spirit!

Track your learning progress with My Goal!

Want to learn Spanish before your summer holidays? No problem! With My Goal, our improved learning progress tracker, you can find out how many hours you should study per week to finish your course by a certain date. This way you’ll be sure to complete your Spanish Course before you board that plane!

This is normally a Premium functionPremium Membership, but we want you all to have a go of the new My Goal! So you can try it out for free until 20 May 2012If you want to continue tracking your learning progress, become a Premium MemberPremium Membership! Until May 20 2012 we are also offering you a 10% discount on our Premium MembershipPremium Membership!

Your goal can be set from your course area. Simply click “Set a goal”, which you will see at the top of your course overview. Depending on how much time you want to study per week, My Goal calculates your course finish date. Just move the cursor along the carrot to set your study hours. At the top right you will see that the finish date changes according to your learning intensity. This gives you a real idea of the course duration, try it out now!

Set a goal

Why does goal setting help boost your language learning?

Sometimes, if you lose focus of what you want to achieve, you can lose track of time and feel like you are falling behind with your learning. This makes your learning objectives seem further away and can affect your motivation.

You won’t have this problem if you use My Goal! It will help you to stay motivated and focus on your studies since you will have a concrete date to work towards and you will always know whether you are keeping up with it. My Goal recognises your personal study needs and tells you whether you are on track with your learning progress or whether you need to pick up the pace to reach your objective.

And of course we give you something extra to aim for! Finish your goal on time and get 500 juicy busuu-berriesbusuu-berries and our official busuu.com certificate for your efforts.

My Goal

So set your goal now to track your learning progress. Remember, you can try it out for free until May 20 2012. And if you want to keep tracking your learning progress and become a Premium MemberPremium Membership before the 20th, we will give you 10% discount on our Premium MembershipPremium Membership!

Post your goal date here and tell us your reasons for wanting to achieve your objective! Good luck with your language learning!

Are you still looking for the perfect Christmas present?

Christmas is coming soon and you are still searching for the perfect Christmas present?

For sure some of your friends are currently learning a new language and would also love to improve their skills with busuu.com!

Why don´t you surprise them with a 3 months premium language course as a Christmas present?

Christmas garden

You just have to go to our Christmas voucher page and purchase the gift online. Then your friends will receive an email (on the day you decide) and you can even print out a Christmas Gift Card to put it under the Christmas tree! As soon as they log on to busuu.com, they will automatically become a Premium Member for 3 months!

We are sure that your friends will love this very special Christmas presentso get your Christmas gift here!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas in advance, and enjoy language learning with busuu.com!

PS: Of course, you can also give this Christmas present to yourself! ;-)


Tips to learn a new language online (part 2)

Here is the second installment of our blog series on language learning tips.

2. Set aside some time each day for your language learning and see how quickly you can progress.

We all know that learning a language can seem like an epic task. Most language learners study their language in one or two hour blocks a few times a week. While at times this can be effective, a more effective and accessible way is to set aside 30 minutes each day to dedicate to your language learning.Regular exposure to the language is vital. The average person learning a language by self-study will benefit the most from 30 minutes of study per day, at least five to six days a week.

That said, studies also show that 30 minutes is about the maximum time most people can focus on learning tasks without taking a break.

You can do this by making a realistic lesson plan for yourself, trying to include some if not all of the of the language learning skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening in some form. busuu.com’s methodology embraces all of these skills and allows you to incorporate each one into a readymade study plan in the form of our learning material. So why not use the busuu.com learning material, which conveniently takes about 30 minutes to complete, and see how your level will increase in no time at all!

Tips to learn a new language online

Many of us are looking forward to a new year and have decided to make improving our language skills our new year’s resolution. But how many times have you made resolutions and not kept them? If one of your new year’s resolutions is to improve your language skills, you are not alone. The busuu.com team, who between us have many years of language learning experience, have compiled a list of language learning tips that have proved effective for us and hopefully ensure that this is one resolution that won’t be abandoned.

Learn a new language with busuu.com

Over the coming months we aim to help you in your language learning by writing a series of blog entries on Language Learning. By understanding how you learn best and what your needs and goals are, you can become a more effective language learner.

1: Building the foundation: Understanding

Listen to as much material as you can in your new language.  

  • It is vital to train your ear to listen to and eventually understand what is being expressed. At the beginning, this may be frustrating as you will probably find that you don’t understand everything, but Rome wasn’t built in a day and your new language won’t be learnt in a day either. 
  • Finding material to listen to is so much easier nowadays thanks to the Internet. There are so many resources available from great free language learning websites like busuu.com, to podcasts, to radio stations, to video sharing websites such as YouTube, where you can find endless material in your desired language. Take a look at the BBC website for English news and podcasts, the Deutschewelle website for German podcasts, Radio France website for some great French podcasts and for Spanish, take a look at the RTVE website. 
  • Watch films and TV series in the original version. It may be tiring at first but it is hugely effective when it comes to training your ear. You could also leave the TV on in the background while doing the housework or listen to a podcast while travelling to work.

Not all these methods for understanding will work for you but you must be patient and find the ones that do. So good luck and stay tuned for more language learning tips from the busuu.com team in the very near future.