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busuu.com enters into strategic partnership with leading language learning publisher Collins

We from busuu.com are very proud to announce that we have entered into a new strategic partnership with Collins, the world renowned British language reference publisher.

Collins is the leading brand for bilingual dictionaries in the UK and Europe and known throughout the world for its innovative dictionaries and language learning materials. Collins was founded by William Collins in 1819 and has been producing dictionaries for more than 150 years.

As a first step within this partnership, we will offer detailed Collins Grammar Guides for our English-speaking users learning Spanish, French, German and Italian. The Grammar Guides are completely online and fully integrated into our existing learning material. The guides provide you with detailed grammar explanations and are directly linked to our existing grammar units.

You can access the guides by clicking on the new Collins button within each grammar unit. This will lead you directly to the corresponding topic within the new Collins Grammar Guide.

Additionally, you can access these Grammar Guides via your home area or via your language area with the new Collins tab.

The guides are available from 7.99 EUR if you’re a Premium Member or for 9.99 EUR if you are a basic user. But watch out – until the 14th of November, we will offer a special 10% introductory discount for this new product! So hurry up and get your new Collins Grammar Guides now!

We are very excited to join forces with Collins, a heavyweight within language education, in order to enhance the language learning experience of our users! The Grammar Guides are just the first step of our partnership – new exciting courses available to all our users are coming soon!

Happy Birthday busuuuuuu!

Exactly one year ago, our language learning community busuu.com was launched! It´s amazing how quickly time flies and we are very proud of the development of our little baby during the last year…

By now, more than 100,000 users from over 200 countries have joined our strongly growing community and every day, thousands of users are online in order to improve their language skills.

Just in time for our birthday, we want to inform you about a special offer, a new learning tool and a great new partnership!

1) Special Birthday promotion - 10% off all premium memberships

As a birthday is nothing without a present, we offer all our users a special 10% discount on all our premium memberships.

Just use the promotion code BIRTH2009 when upgrading to a premium account.

This special brithday promotion is only valid from now on until the 14th of June 2009 – so take advantage of this special offer and boost your language skills by enjoying the full range of our learning functionalities!

2) New functionalities – every day new Live Units

busuu.com live unit We just implemented a brand new and absolutely fascinating feature: live units! This video-based learning tool is designed to provide you with interesting videos on a wide range of topics like news, sports, travelling, etc. They are provided by well-known sources such as Reuters, EFE, Deutsche Welle and France 24 and you find them in your language area. The videos are updated automatically, so you get brand new learning material every day!

As a Premium user you can post your opinion on each video and get it corrected by native speakers of our community. In this way you have a tool to improve your listening comprehension and writing skills which is updated on a day-by-day basis!

3) New partnership with Eurolanguages.com – find your language school on busuu.com!

We are very proud to announce that we have joined forces with eurolanguages.com! By now, you are able to find a language school abroad directly via our website. Just go to your language area and you will find a new tab called “language schools”. Within that area, you receive information about more than 80 certified language schools from all over the world. You get details about the location of the school, the courses offered and even an evaluation of the school provided by students who have already studied there. There are no hidden costs so you get exactly the same price as by booking directly with the school – the only difference is that we make finding the right school much easier and more transparent!

This cooperation with eurolanguages.com brings busuu.com another important step closer to our dream to become a “one-stop-shop” for language learners all over the world!

As you can see, there are many reasons to celebrate! So join us in our birthday party and enjoy language learning with our website!