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NEW busuu.com dictionary, with special audiovisual features!

Our award-winning audiovisual learning content is now available in a free and easy-to-use dictionary! The new busuu.com dictionary is available in all of our languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Polish!

However, it is not an ordinary dictionary! Just like our learning units, the busuu.com dictionary includes:

  • recordings by native speakers to help you pronounce words
  • pictures to help you visualise words
  • key phrases to show words in everyday usage.

These special learning features will help you to remember any word that you need to look up! The dictionary includes all the vocabulary from every language and course offered on busuu.com.

And of course, our new dictionary will keep growing with busuu.com! Whenever we add fresh course material, the busuu.com dictionary will also be updated.

Have fun with the new busuu.com dictionary! Take a look now to learn and remember even more new vocabulary with our easy-to-use dictionary.