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New review types online

busuu.com was launched 5 months ago and, as you may have noticed, is continuously being changed and altered so that you get the best service and improve your language skills in the best possible way.

busuu.com now has a new and improved review section. Our busy development team has been working like bees to produce this review section, which is designed to test you on four different language skills:

  • Reading comprehension skills: The first part is where you have to match a word which is read and heard to the correct picture.
  • Syntax comprehension: The second part consists of words which have to be re-ordered to make a meaningful sentence.
  • Listening skills: Thirdly, you only hear a word and have to click on the corresponding picture.
  • Writing skills: Finally, you hear a word or phrase and have to type it correctly.

The overall aim of the review section is to test your skills in a more holistic manner, i.e. a more comprehensive revision of the unit. The review section is based on the concept of active learning and is varied to ensure a more complete and engaging experience. The busuu.com team hopes that you progress in your learning and have an enjoyable experience in doing so.

We are looking forward to your comments and hope you like this new feature!