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Planning a trip? Get the most out of your holiday with our Travel Course!

We’re approaching holiday season, the perfect time to brush up on your language skills with our interactive Travel Course and get ready to enjoy your adventures abroad!









Get around with ease by learning all the essential travelling vocabulary:

  • Basic Expressions
  • Transportation
  • Moving around
  • Money, shopping and eating
  • Planning and accommodation

Each of these categories includes 3 learning units. Plus, you get our special survival guide, a very useful PDF containing survival phrases to carry around while exploring your holiday destination!

Brush up on your essential holiday phrases now with our Travel Course for only €14.99! Get it now!

Premium Members automatically have free access to both the online version and the mobile app version of the Travel Course. Become a Premium Member now!

We hope you have lots of fun preparing for your trip with our Travel Course - we’re sure it will get you into the holiday spirit!

Why not tweet us from your holiday destination, using the hashtag #busuuholiday.

We look forward to hearing about your holiday adventures!

Get into the holiday spirit with our Travel Course!

It’s almost the holiday season! So brush up on your language skills with our interactive Travel Course and get ready to enjoy your adventures abroad!


Learn all the essential words and expressions you need to know when travelling with the following categories:

  • Basic Expressions
  • Transportation
  • Moving around
  • Money, shopping and eating
  • Planning and accommodation

Each of these categories includes 3 learning units. Plus, you get our special Survival guide, a very useful PDF containing survival phrases to carry around while exploring the city.

The Travel Course is available in each of the 12 languages offered on busuu.com. It’s also available in all our mobile apps, so leave your dictionaries at home and improve your language skills on the way to your holiday destination! Download your app now!

busuu.com Travel Course

Access our Travel Course in three easy ways:

  1. Invite your friends
    For free access to the online version, simply invite 10 of your friends to join busuu.com. Once they’ve signed up, you’ll get access straight away!
  2. Buy it now
    If you want immediate access to the Travel Course, buy it now – just choose whether you’d like the online version or the mobile app version!
  3. Become a Premium MemberPremium Membership
    Premium Members automatically have free access to both the online version and the mobile app version of the Travel Course.

Upgrade now to enjoy our full range of award-winning learning tools!

We hope you have lots of fun preparing for your trip with our Travel Course – we’re sure it will get you into the holiday spirit!

More variety in our Live Units!

Your learning experience is very important to us. That is why we have extended our list of Live Unit sources and now offer even more diversity than before. If you are a Premium MemberPremium Member, you can now watch interesting videos about nature, travel, science and news. As usual, you’ll be able to write a comment about what you’ve watched and have this comment corrected by the community.

There are two ways to access the videos:

1. The Live Units are included in your Intermediate level courses, usually appearing every 4 or 5 units, and you will recognise them by the TV icon . This can be found in your home area, but also in your language area, where you see the unit you are currently working on. To navigate through the level, just click on the arrows on the left and right. Click on the “Start” button to begin the unit.

Live Units

Live Units2. If after this you are eager to do more Live Units, you can access them any time via your Resources menu, both in your home area and your language area. This way, you can access the video overview directly and choose the one you find most interesting:

Live Units

Write a short comment about the video and send it to our community’s native speakers who will then correct your comment. Of course, you will be rewarded with busuu-berriesbusuu-berry for your efforts!

The video-based learning tool is designed to strengthen your listening comprehension and to provide you with interesting material on a wide range of topics like nature, animals, travelling, etc. With our improved list of themes, you can be sure to find a video that will catch your eye. They are updated automatically, so you can enjoy topical learning material every day!

 Live Units

Not a Premium MemberPremium Member yet? Take advantage of our New Year 15% discount and upgrade your account now! Enjoy our Premium FunctionsPremium Member and improve your listening, reading and writing comprehension with our improved Live Units.

We have some more exciting news on the way so stay tuned!

busuu.com offers new Travel Course

busuu.com now offers you a brand new Travel Course to help you to get ready for your holidays!

This interactive course contains all of the essential words and expressions you need to know when you travel abroad. It also includes new exclusive features such as role plays plus a very useful PDF with survival phrases to carry around. This course is available in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese.

You have three different options to get access the Travel Course:

Invite your friends:

If you successfully invite 10 of your friends to busuu.com you will have free access to our travel course. You can directly invite them via our website and once they signed up, you will get immediate access!

Buy it now online:

If you can’t wait to try our new course, you can also get an immediate access to the Travel Course in all languages by buying it online for only 9.99 EUR!

Become a Premium user:

Premium users have free access to the travel course. The course will automatically be added to the existing Premium features. So upgrade now your account and enjoy the full range of learning functionalities!

We hope you will enjoy this new course and we are sure it will perfectly prepare you for your holidays abroad!

busuu.com partners with leading travel guide tripwolf.com

tripwolf.com We are very glad to announce a new partnership with the worldwide leading travel guide tripwolf.com. tripwolf is a free social travel guide for individual travellers. The site combines professional editorial travel tips from well-known publishers like footprint or Marco Polo with traveller generated content. Thousands of users share their travel experiences and travel help with this worldwide community of travellers. Users can add personal blog posts, ratings and photos to about 500.000 different locations worldwide. tripwolf also provides the possibility to create and download your personalized travel guide and additionally offers a great iphone application for free.

Within this partnership, tripwolf.com has placed our language learning widget (you find a sample as well on the right hand side of this blog) on all their travel info pages. By that, users of tripwolf can improve their language skills as part of their preparation for their trip.

In exchange, we have placed the tripwolf travel widget on all our user profile pages. In that way, you will see localized travel information about the home country of that specific user. So when you add another friend or chat with someone, you can directly inform yourself about the home country of this person via tripwolf.

We feel that this partnership is very helpful as most of the people who learn new languages are normally interested as well in travelling. And people, who like to travel, normally also have the interest and need to learn new languages.

We hope you find the new travel information on busuu.com useful and would like to welcome all of the tripwolf users to our language learning community!