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Earn more busuu-berries for excellent writing exercises and helpful corrections!

You can now earn additional busuu-berries for excellent writing excercises or very helpful text corrections of other users’ exercises. So, how does it work?

Writing exercises
If your writing exercise is given a four- or five-star rating by at least three other users, you will receive five bonus busuu-berries!  So try to write as well as you can – you can be sure your efforts will be rewarded!

Likewise, if you think that a writing exercise of another user is excellent, simply give it a great rating and reward them with some extra berries!

Text corrections
If your text correction of a writing exercise is given the thumbs up button by at least three other users, you will also receive five bonus busuu-berries!  So try to be as thorough as possible when correcting other users’ exercises and you will be rewarded with extra berries.

On the other hand, if someone has put a lot of effort into correcting your exercise, click the thumbs up button to reward them with extra berries too.

The same applies for group discussion entries – if you really like a users’ contribution to a discussion within a group, simply vote for it to help them earn additional busuu-berries.

With this new feature, we want to give an extra reward to both hard-working students and to excellent correctors!

New review types and customizable tests available on busuu.com

We are continuously improving our language learning platform and today we have launched some great new functionalities.

First of all, we have added two new review types to our exams. Apart from the 5 existing ways to test your language skills you will now find a review type where you have to create a word out of several letters (like in Scrabble). Additionally, there is a second new review type where you have to match phrases with the correct translation. Please find below screen shots of the new review types:

                  Create a word:                                        Match the phrases:

With this interactive and complete language exams, busuu.com will test your vocabulary knowledge, your writing skills, your listening comprehension and your understanding of the syntax. All this in currently five different languages comprising more than 3,500 vocabularies in each of those languages.

Additionally, we offer now the possibility to create your own customized review! This great new functionality is only available if you are a premium user.

You now have the possibility to create your own individual test by choosing the content and the review type you want. You first decide to be tested either on specific units, on your mistakes or on your marked vocabulary. You then choose among our 7 different review types.

With this new functionality you train only specific skills according to your individual needs! You find your customizable review in your language area - try it out now!

We are convinced that those new tools will further boost your language skills! Stay tuned, more exciting features are about to be launched very soon!