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It’s International Workers’ Day (or Labour Day) and many countries across the world are having a well deserved day off. At the turn of the 20th century, people fought for their right to an eight hour working day, leading to the May Day Riots in the US (1894). We can thank them for changing attitudes to work and for campaigning to create an official holiday to celebrate workers everywhere.

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Beat the Monday blues!

Do a job you love, earn more, travel, rise to the top. Learning a language can do wonders for you and your career. We’ve been taking a close look at why…

Bilingual is getting bigger

31% of executives speak two languages
An added 20% speak 3 languages
9% speak 4 languages
4% speak more than 4

US Source: Korn Ferry (world’s largest executive search firm) in a poll of 12,562 visitors to their website.

Language learning brings in the money

A second language can boost earning potential by up to 20%

US Source: Michael Thomas Language Centre

The Economist says that the benefits of compound interest on your earnings potential (2% more year-on-year) is why the gains are big. Take a look at their graph and you can compare some key languages. Read here.

Lots of awesome jobs for language learners

– Government and public administration… from diplomatic services to spies!
– Business services… Apple has been hiring technical translators who speak Korean, Mexican Spanish and Chinese.
– Museums and libraries… from tour guides to website content editors
– Hospitality, tourism and leisure… the easiest place to start
– Media and publishing… globalising clients means media agencies need multilingual teams
– Science, engineering and technology… if you have a technical skill and a language you’ll be in high demand, as both is hard to find
– Transport and logistics… language-driven by its very nature
– Charities and voluntary work… especially with international charities or with placements abroad
– Sales, marketing/ PR… from customer service to translation and transcreation
– Finance… global markets mean global clients

A little language goes a long way

“Employers value language skills… However this does not always mean you need to achieve native-speaker fluency. A little language goes a long way. Some 74% of employers are looking for people with conversational competence because it helps their business to be able to communicate, even at a basic level, with customers and clients”

UK source: CBI Education and Skills Survey 2009

Start by brushing up on interview phrases

Do you know what these mean?

FrenchDites-moi quelquechose à propos de vous
Be ready for open-ended questions…

GermanIch bin ein Teamplayer
Show them you’ve got the ‘Büro-sprech’ (office speak) and the Denglisch sorted.

EnglishHow do you see the company changing in the next 5 years?
Remember to ask your own, thoughtful questions.

SpanishCreo que es una magnífica oportunidad para progresar laboralmente.
See the positive.

The Best Way to Learn

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