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busuu.com Easter Egg Hunt

busuu.com‘s Easter egg hunt is now officially open! This is your chance to find the golden Easter egg to win a free Premium membership! You can now win a free month of Premium membership and enjoy all our award winning learning tools such as the voice recordings and grammar units.   How do you find


The busuu.com Language Barometer 2011

busuu.com in collaboration with IE Business School, a leading postgraduate education institution, presents: The busuu.com Language Barometer 2011, the worldwide largest online survey regarding the future of language learning. More than 16,000 of busuu.com users from over 150 different countries took part in the survey which we conducted in March 2011. The findings clearly show


Patuá, The Sweet Language of Macau

Our blog entries dedicated to endangered languages will continue as promised. This month, our blog will present the “Sweet Language of Macau” or in Macanese (Patuà) the Dóci Língu di Macau. Macau is one of the two special administrative regions of the People’s Republic of China. Macanese is classified by the Atlas of Endangered Languages


Record your voice and get your pronuncation corrected by a native speaker!

Today we are launching an exciting feature that you, our users, have been demanding for a while, and which has kept us busy for the last few months: voice recording! Pronunciation is an essential part of language learning and we are thrilled that we can offer this new feature to you. From now on, you


New Blog Series – Endangered Languages – This Month: Squamish

We from busuu.com have ambitious plans! We do not only want to develop the best language learning community in the world but we are also committed to raise awareness about nearly extinct languages. We have done this already with our highly successful campaigns about the Silbo Gomero and the language Busuu (our funny YouTube video