Boost your language learning with our motivational tips


The holidays are over, so it’s the perfect time to take up your language learning again.

But we know that it can be hard to find the right motivation, so we are offering a back-to-school promotion – enjoy a 15% discount on all our products until the end of September!

And that’s not all. We also created a top ten list of tips to help you find fresh enthusiasm:

1. Set a goal – Easily track your learning progress with mybusuu to see how much time you should study each week to reach your aim.

2. Have a ‘foreign language’ day – Immerse yourself in the culture of the language you are learning: watch a foreign movie in the original language, listen to songs, or cook a typical foreign meal.

3. Read the newspaper or watch our Live Units – Pick out an interesting topic and write a review about it. Your desire to express your opinion will give you extra motivation!

4. Make a list of your favourites – Whenever you come across a word or expression you find particularly interesting, write it down and create a list of your favourite words from the language you are learning.

5. Talk to native speakers – It’s an essential part of learning. Not sure who to talk to? Try out busuu-talk and have a conversation with a native speaker!

6. Take a walk with a notebook – Try to translate everything you see in your head. If there’s something you can’t remember, look it up when you get home!

7. Fill your home with post-its – Every time you want to remember a phrase or word pop it on a post-it and stick it to the doors of your home! Make sure you get
into the habit of seeing if you remember the words on leaving each room.

8. Be brave – Everybody makes mistakes when learning a foreign language, so help out others by correcting their posts. They will do the same for you!

9. Share your progress – Have you just finished a learning unit? Be proud of your achievement and share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

10. Don’t stress, have fun! – Remember that it is all about your learning experience. Here’s the key: the fun you have during the learning process itself is more important than reaching your goal in time!

Don’t forget about our back-to-school promotion which gives you a very motivational 15% discount until the end of September! Make use of our premium functions to boost your language learning!

What about you? Do you have a special motivational tip we didn’t mention? Feel free to add your own ideas to our list!


  1. Goals have to exist. I think what is missing is interests. Relate what your learning to your interests. Don’t watch boring grammar videos. Instead pop in and English DVD in a subject that interests you. Even if it’s way above your ability, you’ll catch new stuff and be super motivated to learn more English that way!

  2. My greatest desire is to learn how to speak and understand spanishI ran away from home when I was fifteen and I made a lot of friends that where spanish, but I never picked it up completely so my hope is now before I pass on to a better place I will be able to converse in espanol t ingles fluently.


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