busuu.com adds Portuguese online course and receives substantial funding!

Today we from busuu.com have two reasons to celebrate:

First, we are happy to announce that we have closed our first financing round with an Austrian business angel. The important six-figure investment will be used to further expand our language learning platform and grow our international user base.

This is an important step in the history of our Start-Up and we are very pleased to have found the right partner who shares our vision to revolutionize the way people learn languages!

Second, from now on you can learn Brazilian Portuguese on busuu.com! We offer an interactive language course in Brazilian Portuguese completely for free.

You can now get access to more than 150 learning units on 4 different levels and practice your language skills directly with Portuguese native speakers of our community!

In order to start with your free Brazilian Portuguese course, go to your settings page and add Portuguese to the languages you want to learn. Then you can immediately access your courses by clicking on your new Brazilian Portuguese tree in your language garden!

So today the whole busuu.com team is going to celebrate with some Caipirinhas! ūüėČ But stay tuned, more languages and exciting new features are going to be added soon!

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  2. diego

    muchas felicidades al bussu team!!!

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  4. lucia martinez

    Cordial saludo. Desearía hacer el curso de portugués. Mil gracias

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  6. Luis Estaire

    That is great! Busuu.com is the best website for learning languages without a doubt! Keep it up!

  7. Alexandre Maestrini

    Parabéns pelo segundo aniversário do busuu.com e pelo ótimo curso de Português do Brasil.
    Sempre alerta para as novidades em outras línguas, http://www.onlinetranslator.ch
    O Brasil vai sediar a os Jogos Militares em 2011, a Copa de futebol em 2014 e as Olimpíadas em 2016. Vamos precisar do busuu.com para preparar os voluntários.

  8. mariposalice

    felicitaciones!!!!! me tienen encantada, gracias

  9. Paloma Martín Castroverde

    Me interesa hacer un curso de idioma en Portuges