busuu.com launches Business English Course!


This summer, we have been working hard on our new Business English Course! This intensive course has more than 600 words and key phrases to help you improve your Business English and succeed in the professional world.

Boost your Business English on busuu.com with the following topics:

  • Applying for a job – make a good impression with your CV, cover letter and in interviews
  • On the telephone – manage phone calls, messages and complaints
  • Writing emails – learn to write professional business emails
  • In meetings –  handle formal meetings and discussions
  • Presenting – tips and useful phrases for presentations
  • Marketing I – discuss products, pricing, distribution channels and promotions

The Business Course is designed for intermediate to advanced learners. The course material is only available in English. Of course, all your efforts will be rewarded with busuu-berries and you will receive a special ‘Manager’ badge when you finish the course.

To access our new Business English Course, simply go to the ‘Courses’ menu and choose ‘Business English‘ or click on the new icon on the left side of your home area.

Of course our Business English Course includes:

  • More than 600 vocabulary and key phrases with pictures and sounds
  • Real situation dialogues pronounced by native speakers
  • Sample texts such as business emails, cover letters or CVs
  • Recording exercises to test your pronunciation skills
  • Video-chat with role plays to test your business skills with our community

In addition, we included brand new exercises, where you will have to complete formal texts, like emails or cover letters, and relate the learned vocabulary to situations of your every-day professional life.  This will help you identify and masterfully handle typical business situations.

Throughout September, we are offering a huge 15% discount on all our products, including our new Business English Course!  With this discount, you can get access to the Business English Course for just 25.49 EUR for one whole year!

So take advantage of our special promotion to upgrade your account or buy our new Business English Course now!