busuu.com partners with leading travel guide tripwolf.com

tripwolf.com We are very glad to announce a new partnership with the worldwide leading travel guide tripwolf.com. tripwolf is a free social travel guide for individual travellers. The site combines professional editorial travel tips from well-known publishers like footprint or Marco Polo with traveller generated content. Thousands of users share their travel experiences and travel help with this worldwide community of travellers. Users can add personal blog posts, ratings and photos to about 500.000 different locations worldwide. tripwolf also provides the possibility to create and download your personalized travel guide and additionally offers a great iphone application for free.

Within this partnership, tripwolf.com has placed our language learning widget (you find a sample as well on the right hand side of this blog) on all their travel info pages. By that, users of tripwolf can improve their language skills as part of their preparation for their trip.

In exchange, we have placed the tripwolf travel widget on all our user profile pages. In that way, you will see localized travel information about the home country of that specific user. So when you add another friend or chat with someone, you can directly inform yourself about the home country of this person via tripwolf.

We feel that this partnership is very helpful as most of the people who learn new languages are normally interested as well in travelling. And people, who like to travel, normally also have the interest and need to learn new languages.

We hope you find the new travel information on busuu.com useful and would like to welcome all of the tripwolf users to our language learning community!



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