busuu.com has reached more than 400.000 users!


This week, the busuu.com community is over 400.000 users! This leads busuu.com as the biggest European language learning community. You can now learn more than 150 different languages with our native speakers from all around the world.

To learn one of these languages, connect with native speakers directly on the busuutalk or join a group whose leader teach it. If you want to teach your own language as well and you have more than 3 stars, you can even create your own group and share your language and its characteritics with others.

The community is getting bigger and bigger and more and more people are learning languages. But noone has got yet more than 100.000 busuu-berries to win the 5 very estimated black diamonds. Continue to study hard and help yoru friends to win more busuu-berries on busuu.com and be the first one to get the 5 black diamonds! (Competition has ended)


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