Challenge accepted: busuu Learns, too!

When we say we know how hard you work to learn a language, we really mean it. Over the next few months, loads of us at busuu are getting stuck into a new language… using our own platform.

You might think that gives us a slight advantage. We did build the thing. But actually, we’re in the same boat as everyone else trying to pick up a new language. Whether we’re learning a different alphabet or memorising vocabulary, it’s an exciting challenge that we’re ready to take on!

Feel the busuu burn

We’re flexing our brain muscles because learning is a skill you need to exercise. Being fluent in one language doesn’t mean you shouldn’t acquire another. Plus, once you have certain learning skills you might find it easier to pick up the basics of other languages…

There are now 10 different languages being learnt around the office as we speak (on our lunch breaks and over coffee, of course). Grammar grumblings and vocab mumblings can be heard coming from desks and around the water cooler.

There’s not been this much excitement in the office since the new season of Game of Thrones started.

We’re in it together!

We really believe you have to practise what you preach. And we know better than anyone it only takes 10 minutes a day to improve your learning! We are right here with you, plugging away at our lessons and taking the McGraw-Hill Education certificate tests. Maybe we’ll even speak with you through our Conversations feature!

If you’re learning, we’re learning. If you’re correcting, well, so are we! The community force is strong. Which also means you should…

Keep tabs on us

We’re going to monitor how we get on between now and September and show you how far we go.

It’s also worth keeping an eye on our social media. We’re a competitive lot, you know. We’ll be showing off our new found knowledge and testing each other to high heaven, but that’s only because we’re super excited to see how much we can learn.

Stay tuned for updates – and share your own progress with us too!

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