Our amazing community is wishing us a happy 8th birthday
busuu wouldn’t be the same without you!

busuu in numbers!

It has been 8 years since busuu changed the way we learn languages.

Take a look at what has been achieved so far…


77 Million
Corrections Made

5.5 Million
Offline Mode Downloads

36 Million
Mobile Downloads

57 Million
Writing Exercises

Do you remember the time before busuu existed? Endless lists of vocabulary to study. Huge grammar text books to wade through. And those long hours spent in classrooms…

Take a look at how busuu has revolutionised language learning!

Thank you for helping to make busuu so special over the last 8 years.

This is just the beginning. We’re constantly looking for ways to bring you
the very best experience and new content to enrich your language learning
for many years to come!

Meet our users!

Mario Alberto Morales from Mexico city has been using busuu for years to improve his French. He met Jean Noel, a busuuer from Ivory Coast. They got along really well from the word “go” and wanted to discover more about each other’s culture. A great example of two different worlds, connected by busuu!

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