Earn more busuu-berries for excellent writing exercises and helpful corrections!


You can now earn additional busuu-berries for excellent writing excercises or very helpful text corrections of other users’ exercises. So, how does it work?

Writing exercises
If your writing exercise is given a four- or five-star rating by at least three other users, you will receive five bonus busuu-berries!  So try to write as well as you can – you can be sure your efforts will be rewarded!

Likewise, if you think that a writing exercise of another user is excellent, simply give it a great rating and reward them with some extra berries!

Text corrections
If your text correction of a writing exercise is given the thumbs up button by at least three other users, you will also receive five bonus busuu-berries!  So try to be as thorough as possible when correcting other users’ exercises and you will be rewarded with extra berries.

On the other hand, if someone has put a lot of effort into correcting your exercise, click the thumbs up button to reward them with extra berries too.

The same applies for group discussion entries – if you really like a users’ contribution to a discussion within a group, simply vote for it to help them earn additional busuu-berries.

With this new feature, we want to give an extra reward to both hard-working students and to excellent correctors!


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