Free Italian courses now available on!


We are happy to announce that from now on you can learn Italian on! We now offer an interactive language course in Italian completely for free!

Italian tree

Italian is a roman language spoken by more than 60 million people in Italy and another 10 million people around the world.

The country has one of the largest cultural, architectural and artistic heritages of the world: monuments like the Colosseum in Rome or the Tower of Pisa, artists like Michel-Angelo and Botticelli… It is the motherland of fashion and design – Prada, Gucci, Ferrari… and obviously not to forget about Italian cuisine – pasta, pizza, Parma ham…

It is now possible to learn the language of cuisine, fashion and arts thanks to our highly interactive language learning material! Get access to vocabulary, dialogues, writing exercises and practice your language skills directly with Italian native speakers!

In order to start with your free Italian course, go to your settings page and add Italian to the languages you already learn. After that you can immediately access our Italian course by clicking on your new Italian tree on your language garden!

If you are an Italian native speaker, you can also have our interface completely in Italian by going to your settings page.

We hope you will enjoy language learning with even more and be sure that we will add on more languages pretty soon! 🙂


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