Get new gifts for your language garden!

Make your language garden stand out with our fun gifts!

In the new busuu Shop, you can use your busuu-berriesbusuu-berry to buy lots of animated gifts for your garden. Or trade them for a discount on our Premium Membership Premium Membership!

busuu Shop

Check out the busuu Shop now:

  1. Access the busuu Shop by clicking on the new busuu-berry counter busuu Shop at the top of the page.
  2. Choose a discount or a gift that you would like for your garden.
  3. Confirm that you want to buy the item with your busuu-berriesbusuu-berry.

Once you have bought a gift, it’s immediately displayed in your garden. Hover over the new gift and discover how it interacts with your garden!

Get your personal gift now!

language garden

The busuu Shop is for everybody! However, Premium Members Premium Membership can choose from a much wider selection of gifts, in total 20 different animations. Check out the busuu Shop or upgrade to Premium now Premium Membership!

Get a discount with your busuu-berriesbusuu-berry:

  1. Choose a discount in the busuu Shop.
  2. Click on “Upgrade now!” to get to the subscription page and choose a product.
  3. Copy the discount code displayed at the top of the page and use it on the following payment page.

Enjoy browsing the new busuu Shop and choosing a discount or a fun gift for your language garden!

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    I want to know is there any use of gifts? Can i trade my garden gifts for more discounts? Or I can only use the gift discounts available in BUSSU shop? please confirm as i want a larger discount on premium membership.

    • Fabia Alves

      Hello SHRIKANT,

      Thank you for your question. With the busuu-berries you earn while learning on busuu you can buy presents to your garden or a discount voucher on the busuu shop. Check it out by clicking in this link:

      Any other questions you have, please feel free to email our support team at

      Ciao for now,

  2. Sebastian

    I cannot buy the scarecrow and I have 2600 busuu-berries. What is happening?

    • Maria Kristalinskaya

      Sebastian, hi. Unfortunately, this feature is not available anymore.