Get your Official Certificate!

From now on you will be awarded even more for your efforts on

Users of can already receive gifts for their language garden (for every 5 units you complete, you receive a gift). Now, after having completed 25 learning units, you will receive the official Silver Certificate of Completion.

And, not alone that. If you continue learning on, you will obtain an official Gold Certificate of Completion for successfully completing 50 learning units.

These certificates will be displayed with your other gifts in your language area and can even be printed so that you can show them off to your friends and workmates. So start learning and get the accolade that you deserve!


  1. […] Seit einiger Zeit gibt es ausserdem für die fleissigen Mitglieder auch Zertifikate für abgeschlossene Lerneinheiten. Für das erste Zertifikat muss man 25 Einheiten erfolgreich abschliessen. Natürlich hat ein solches Zertifikat nur einen persönlichen Wert aber wer weiss, vielleicht wird es in Zukunft ein Zertifizierungssystem geben, welches für das Lernen in online Communitys geeignet ist. […]

  2. hello i wana know some information about certificate language busuu if that certificate acceptabl in consulate thank you i m waiting for feedback

  3. Can this certificate be used in Japan to get a job teaching? Does this certificate have any merit or is it just for looks/to show off?

    • Hi Jessica, the certificate can be posted on your Linkedin as a pdf and therefore seen by potential employers. As for its applicability to help qualify you for a particular job here busuu cannot say. We recommend learning about the particular requirements in that particular industry and country or asking a recruiter directly. It certainly displays initiative and the ability to be evaluated on written skills on the CEFR European grading system often internationally used. All the best, the busuu team

  4. I’d like to know why i can’t get my certificates anymore I’m not a premium member but i used to get pdf file certificate for my japanese classes what happened to that

    • hi, unfortunately, the Certificates are available only for certain languages – English, Spanish, German and French. They’re available only for Premium members.


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