Say hello to Busuu’s brand new logo

November 10, 2023

Today we’re excited to unveil a brand new logo and visual identity for Busuu.

Our new logo marks an adventurous step in a fresh direction for us. And, as with any visual change, a lot has been carefully considered behind the scenes leading up to today.

Since Busuu was launched 11 years ago, we’ve made the odd tweak here and there to our brand, but nothing ever as exciting as this.

Both the company and our community have grown considerably from 0 to over 90 million users over the last decade, so we wanted to evolve our brand to mirror the Busuu we are today.

We’re still Busuu – named after the nearly extinct Busuu language from Cameroon – but this new visual identity better reflects our growth until now, and our ambition for the future.

From speaking with our community, we know that a lot of our learners across the globe love our old logo and brand – we’re quite attached to it too! But it’s time to embrace the new and all of the exciting possibilities that it brings for the future as we continue our mission of breaking down language barriers and connecting people through language.

Everything you see today, and moving forward, has been thoughtfully planned out, debated, tried and tested, and now we’re excited to be finally unveiling our bold new logo to the world. A fair amount of our community was involved in this process – so thanks to everyone who shared feedback with us.

This is just the first of many future refinements to our identity, so we’ll be excited to unveil more in the very near future to our passionate global community.

Our Manifesto

Our manifesto is our pledge to the language learning community. It combines the vision of who we are with the ambition of what we want to achieve. It’s a great starting point for the development of our new brand so we wanted to share it with you here.

At Busuu, we believe that language is a bridge between cultures. It powers understanding and conversation, fuels ambition and discovery. For some it’s a key to success, for others, a ticket to exploring the world. 

That’s why at Busuu we’re on a mission to make language learning effective and enjoyable for all. Through the power of technology we’re connecting the world through language.

Our Brand Values

Our brand values represent what Busuu stands for as a company. Think of them as the core beliefs of our Busuu brand. These values will shine through in the words and images used when we communicate with the world.

Understanding what we stand for and how we communicate to our community is essential in ensuring we reflect the wide and diverse community we’ve built over the last 11 years.

We’ve therefore identified and summarised our brand values as:

  • Ambitious: We want language learners to succeed, whatever their goals are. We’re ambitious and constantly push the boundaries.
  • Social: We believe that languages bring people together. They promote understanding. Our community unites people from across the globe.
  • Joyful: We believe that language learning should be enjoyable. We help people reap the exciting benefits that speaking other languages brings.
  • Curious: We have a thirst for knowledge and learning. We’re passionate about exploring other cultures. We help people discover the world through language.
  • Effective:We want people to learn languages the smart way. We enhance education with technology.

These brand values help inform the way we communicate, the way we build the product and, of course, the way we develop the Busuu brand for years to come.

The Busuu Logo

Last but not least is our Busuu logo, our visual identity. As you can imagine, over the years we’ve refined our logo as Busuu has ‘grown up’ and we thought it would be fun to share this visual journey over the years.

Which brings us to today.

Today we’re finally ready to unveil to the world the all-new Busuu logo, we hope you like it.

Our new logo consists of the ‘Busuu’ wordmark and an icon in the shape of the letter B, formed of two speech bubbles brought together. These speech bubbles represent the conversations made possible with Busuu, both within our community and when our learners use their skills to connect with the world through language.

Since day one we’ve been using technology to connect the world through language and we felt it important to embrace this within our new identity.

We’ve also moved from a lowercase ‘b’ to a capital ‘B’. We used a lowercase ‘b’ in our brand name for so long that it became the norm for us. But with most people outside Busuu using a capital ‘B’, we made this switch so it’s easier for everyone to remain consistent.

Colour palette

As we’ve updated our logo we’ve also taken the opportunity to update our colour palette. We’ve swapped out the old light blue with a bolder alternative. Why? Well, our old colour palette simply didn’t stand out enough and this new colour represents a bigger bolder vision for the future of Busuu.

This new ‘Busuu blue’ is easier on the eye and helps improve the overall visual accessibility of our designs. It helps us achieve new colour contrasts that further enhance the readability of our content.

Together with the new blue, we’ll be looking to use a range of other secondary brand colours. More on this in the future!

And those are all of the main changes you’ll see for now! Over the coming months, we’ll continue to roll out updates to the look and feel of Busuu. But gradually, and with a lot of care, to make sure we only change things for the better.

Once again, we’re still the same Busuu and we’re glad to have you with us in this exciting new chapter for our brand. We’re still working tirelessly to enhance your learning experience and we can’t wait to see what you can achieve with us!

Thank you once again to all of the users involved in our testing and feedback sessions and to our 90 million strong community. We couldn’t have done this without you!

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