New groups feature on

We have just launched a new groups feature on! From now on you can join groups in order to discuss different topics with native speakers and thereby improve your language skills.

Whether you are interested in Spanish for Tapas, delicious French recipes or you just want to discuss how we can reduce the negative impact on our environment – there are many groups for all different tastes.

If you are a member with a at least three stars, you can also create your own groups! Decide on a new topic, invite your friends to join and start moderating the discussion! If you are a group leader of an active group, you will receive a new group leader badge !

We hope you like this new functionality and we are sure that it will further enrich your learning experience on! Try it out now!

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  2. Dahozen

    Dear editor,

    A few months ago I send a enquiry to the staff to ask how I can delete a topic at my busuu group, because at the help area of the website it says that this is possible, but even how hard I have tried, I cannot delete any of my Busuu topics. Could you please help me, because I did not receive any answer of the staff?

    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,