Check your progress with our new stats dashboard


Everyone loves to see how much they’re learning, right? That’s good, because we’ve just launched a new progress screen and stats dashboard with lots of insight into your language skills.

See your learning grow

Next time you come to busuu, you’ll see a lot more data about your progress with our learning statistics.

Every lesson you complete, every word you learn and all the time you invest in your language development feeds back into your learning metrics so you can see your progress literally grow in front of your eyes.

Personalised data on your learning

As you progress you will see your fluency score improve and improve. We also calculate the number of words you’ve learned and keep track of the number of official McGraw-Hill Education certificates you’ve earned.

And as we know frequent learning is key to making progress, you can now track the total number of days you’ve spent learning.

See how quickly you can make progress with busuu – and have the numbers to prove it. Learning a language has never been easier or more rewarding; whether it’s because you want to feel like a local when you travel or to supercharge your study and work prospects or just because you’re like us and love learning languages.

See for yourself

Whether you’re new to busuu or already part of our 80-million-strong community, log in to see your fluency percentage and your vocabulary score. You might be surprised by how much you’ve already achieved.

Emma was a French Language Expert at Busuu. Originally from London, U.K, Emma moved to Brighton to study Anthropology and Languages (French and Spanish) and later spent time living on the French overseas department, La Réunion. In her spare time she loves travel and culture, crochet, cooking and singing!


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