Get English conversation practice with Busuu's 'Conversation' feature

Practise speaking like a native with Busuu’s Conversation feature

Learn how using Busuu's 'Conversation' feature will help you perfect your speaking skills and connect you with people learning languages all over the world.
german greetings they won't teach you in school - header image

12 German greetings they won’t teach you in school

Discover most common ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ expressions to impress natives on your next German speaking adventure.
busuu blog learn spanish el pais lessons

Learn Spanish with El País content on Busuu

Busuu has teamed up with the leading Spanish newspaper, El País, to help you improve your language skills with real-world content. 
Busuu Blog - spanish songs boost language skills

8 Spanish songs that will boost your language skills

Tired of learning Spanish from a tedious textbook? Jazz up your language-learning routine with these eight banging Spanish songs.
German pronouns: a fun beginner's guide

German pronouns: a fun beginner’s guide

Everything you need to know about German pronouns, brought to you by Busuu's fabulous German expert.
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Subjunctive vs. indicative in Spanish: the difference

Save yourself from a Spanish grammar meltdown with Busuu's guide to using subjunctive and indicative. It's easier to understand than you think – promise!
The benefits of being a bilingual, trilingual and a polyglot

Bilingual, trilingual & polyglot – what’s the difference?

Let’s get straight down to it. If you speak two languages, you're bilingual. Speak three, and...
Busuu Blog - German Words In English

11 English words that are actually German

Schnitzel, dachshund, blitz – ever wondered what these words have in common?  They’re all German words we use in...
Busuu Blog - Spanish Subjunctive Ultimate Guide

The ultimate guide to the Spanish subjunctive (Dos and Don’ts)

Everything you’ll ever need to need to know about the Spanish subjunctive: what it actually is and when you should use it.
Everything you need to know about Ariana Grande's Japanese tattoo fail

Ariana Grande’s Japanese tattoo fail: what we can learn

Everything that was wrong with Ariana Grande's first and second failed attempts at a Japanese tattoo – and 5 Japanese tattoo ideas, just for your reference.