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Useful phrases you need to know for the Euro2016

Summer has finally arrived, and so has the time for football! The European Championship is well underway in France and we are about to leave the group stages behind to move on to the final stages of the tournament. Now, you may not care much for football, or maybe you’re a seasoned supporter of your country’s team with a

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Why our team needs to be more diverse

Diversity is more than just a hot topic; it is a source of competitive edge. Through advocates like Sheryl Sandberg, gender-diversity is increasingly at the centre of many social, business and political discussions today. Beyond gender, the relative cultural homogeneity of leaders in some organisations and companies has called into question those organisations’ ability to

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Absolute Internship students visit at the busuu offices

This week, we had a group of students visiting our offices from Absolute Internship. Absolute Internship matches talented university students and graduates with international work experiences in cities like Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Shanghai or Singapore. The program enables participants to meet like minded ambitious, driven and international-minded students as well as influential industry