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Fantasy languages

busuu loves languages! It’s our passion and our calling is to teach them. But what about learning fantasy languages like the Dothraki spoken in Game of Thrones and the strange sounds the elves use to communicate in The Lord of the Rings? Did you ever think “I wish I could speak High Valyrian like Daenarys Targaryen”?


The Intro to English course for complete beginners is here!

Are you a complete beginner to the English Language? Has it been too long since you learnt the “abc”’s? Don’t worry, the English Introductory Course is here to help you get acquainted! Get ready to learn the basics of the English language including the alphabet, spelling and pronunciation. This new introductory course is great if you

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Languages that have been saved

Extinction is currently threatening to many languages and even more languages simply don’t exist anymore. While it’s sad to know that some languages are no longer being passed down from one generation to the next, there are also happier stories. The ones that were saved after the number of speakers had decreased dramatically to a