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We are very happy to announce the launch of a very exciting feature we have been developing for quite some time – the Individual Progress Report! Progress Report

We all know it so well – language learning can be a tedious task and if we don´t “kick” ourselves from time to time we tend to forget about it…

As your learning effort has a direct impact on the size of your language trees at, forgetting about your language studies makes your language garden look like a desert rather than a flourishing forest.

That´s why we have developed a weekly, individual email report which gives you a detailed overview of your learning progress and it contains a short test of the vocabulary you have learned previously.

So it´s at the same time a motivational tool as well as a learning tool.

Let´s have a look what exactly offers the new progress report:

1. Individual per language

You receive an individual progress report per language you study at So if you learn French and Spanish you receive two separate reports detailing your French and your Spanish progress. Obviously you can cancel the subscription to all your reports, or only to one individual report at any time in you email notification settings.

2. Overall history

First we will show you your overall learning progress in that specific language. You will see the number of learning units you have finished and the number of vocabulary you have learned so far. There you can really see your vocabulary growing every week! The numbers are shown for the last 7 days and for your overall time as a member of

overall progress

2. Your progress

In the next part, you will find the development of your position within the ranking. As you know, your ranking is based on your learning progress as well as on your activity as a tutor for other members of the community (by correcting their writing posts in your native language).

3. The weekly challenge

In this part we will ask you to choose the correct translation of one of the vocabularies you have studied in the last 7 days. You will immediately get the answer without the need of logging into your account. It´s a very simple and quick way of reviewing the vocabularies you have recently studied.

weekly challenge

4. Your vocabulary and your mistakes

As you know, you can mark vocabularies of our learning material in order to review them seperately or print them out as a pdf. Additionally, we will track all the mistakes you have made during the test section of a learning unit and again, you can review them separately to get rid of them (otherwise those little bugs will eat your trees!). In the progress report we provide you with a direct link to review the marked vocabularies or the mistakes and to print out a pdf in case you are a Premium Member.

your marked vocabulary

5. Next steps

Finally, we will recommend you the next learning unit you should enter according to our language course structure. Again, you have the possibility to directly enter the unit or download directly a pdf in case you are a Premium Member.

What´s next?

As you can see, the new Progress Report is full of great features! It motivates you in your language learning and provides you as well with learning tools to access your learning material more easily and to review directly what you have learned previously.

So there should be no excuse any more to let dry-out your poor language trees – help them to grow and blossom as fast as you can!

We really hope you like this new feature and are looking forward to your feedback!


  1. […] The report includes an overall history of your learning process with the units you finished and the vocabulary you learned, shows your position in the ranking of the community, gives you a weekly challenge in which you have to translate vocabulary, shows you a recap of your marked vocabulary and mistakes and finally recommends you what unit to learn next. You can read about all those features in detail on the busuu blog. […]


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