Monthly Archives: May 2008 at the “Entrepreneur day” in Madrid

Yesterday I was invited to give a speech at the “Día del Emprendedor” (Day of the Entrepreneur), an event organized by the City of Madrid at the campus of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

The target audience of this event was mainly students interested in founding their own company. There were several workshops from Marketing to Financing and I was invited to give some insights about our start-up experience with

In the same workshop, my friend Maini Spenger, also Austrian, Alumni of Instituto de Empresa and CEO of Másmovil, a new mobile operator in Spain, talked as well about his life as an entrepreneur here in this country.

For me it was very interesting to see how many young people are thinking about founding their own company. Instead of joining the “safe harbour” of large corporations, I got the impression that there is a certain “entrepreneurial spirit” within the upcoming Spanish generation. So I really hope that I have motivated some of the audience, to start their own venture one day!


Unbelievable, but after months and months of sleepless nights we have finally made it!! is ONLINE in its open beta version!

Congratulations to the whole team which made that happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Up to now, everything works fine and it is more than interesting to slowly see the users coming…come here, come here…;-)))) at Venture Day of Instituto de Empresa

Yesterday, we successfully presented our company at the Finals of the Venture Day of Instituto de Empresa in Madrid.

It was a very well organized event with 20 companies presenting their business plans to a selected audience of about 100 people, mainly private or institutional investors. The finalists covered a broad field of industries coming from e.g. health-care, leisure industry or internet.

According to the feedback we received, we did quite a nice job showing the first sneak preview of our website…Especially the learning unit “The first date” rose some interest among the audience! ;-)

After the presentations we had a networking cocktail and made highly interesting contacts – so lets see what the next months will bring! ;-)