The benefits of being a bilingual, trilingual and a polyglot

Bilingual, trilingual & polyglot – what’s the difference?

Let’s get straight down to it. If you speak two languages, you're bilingual. Speak three, and...
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11 English words that are actually German

Schnitzel, dachshund, blitz – ever wondered what these words have in common?  They’re all German words we use in...

The ultimate guide to the Spanish subjunctive (Dos and Don’ts)

“I hate the Spanish subjunctive.” It’s a complaint I hear all too often from Spanish learners. 
Everything you need to know about Ariana Grande's Japanese tattoo fail

What Ariana Grande’s Japanese tattoo teaches us

Everything that was wrong with Ariana Grande's first and second failed attempts at a Japanese tattoo – and 5 Japanese tattoo ideas, just for your reference.

Which language will you find easiest to learn? (QUIZ)

Considering learning a new language? Or already started learning one, but feeling as though you’re not making much progress?

Say hello to Busuu’s brand new logo

Today we’re excited to unveil a brand new logo and visual identity for Busuu. Our new logo marks an...
Will Meghan Markle's baby's first words be in English?

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s baby’s first words might not be...

With a royal tour of Africa for Prince Harry and Meghan on the cards, will Meghan Markles baby Archie's first words be in English?
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How to learn German easily – 6 top tips

Once you’ve realised that German is not actually that difficult to learn, you can focus on finding the best way to learn...
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Is German hard to learn? An honest guide

While German might not make the list of the easiest languages to learn, it isn't one of the top ten most difficult...
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9 easy ways to learn English effectively

Learning a new language can be a challenge, and English, in particular, is full of complexities. If you’re...