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Blog and video contest

Our “ story contest is now over.  A lot of people sent us funny stories, posted nice entries about language learning on their blog or even uploaded amazing videos about on YouTube!

Big group of young jumping people.

It was impressive to see a lot of people from our language learning community participating in this contest. Just to name a few, there was jamalmashayekhi from Iran who carried out a funny survey on his blog about marriages around the world by interviewing his friends from Or Nikasik from Latvia, who, during her holidays, met by coincidence a guy learning Spanish on, who is now a good friend of hers!

We also liked the entries of luisnivicente or sergio-c2 from Spain, who both wrote great reviews about our website on their blogs (luisnivicente ‘s blog, sergio-c2’s blog).

As you can imagine, it was not easy at all to select three winners – but finally we had to take a decision and we are proud to announce the winners:

The best entry of our contest is yatusabes777 from Ecuador thanks to both his amazing video and his blog entry.
The second best entry came from blogor from Mexico for his very nice blog entry about
The third winner is Brad_Tyler from France, who posted a very interesting article on his blog.

We are happy to give all of them a free SIX month Premium Membership!

Thanks to all the other members who have sent us nice entries or stories. It´s really very rewarding to see such a dedication to our website by our wonderful community!

Enjoy language learning with!

Tips to learn a new language online (part3)

Here is the third installment of our blog series on language learning tips.

3. Practice language actively

Whenever possible, speak the language aloud rather than reciting it silently to yourself. In doing this you can gain confidence in you pronounciation and in your language skills. Say vocabulary words out loud e.g. while doing a learning unit, you should listen to the vocabulary and then the key phrase (if you are a Premium Member) and repeat them as many times as is needed.

The same goes for the dialogues. You can listen to them and reapeat them as many times as you need to. Pronunciation activities should be done orally and not just mentally. Transferring language from your mind to your mouth is a skill that requires a great deal of practice! So take advantage of the learning material to start actively improving your language skills!

We hope to be of assistance for your language learning! If you need further help, take a look at part 1 and part 2 of our language learning tips.