Monthly Archives: September 2009 wins the European Language Label for innovative projects in language learning

European Language Label We are happy to announce that has been awarded with the European Language Label! This prestigious award is co-ordinated by the European Commission and awared every year by the individual Member States of the European Union. has received this prize here in Spain (please find here the official award notification in Spanish). 

The award recognizes “new initiatives in the field of teaching and learning languages, rewarding new techniques in language teaching, spreading the knowledge of their existence and thereby promoting good practice”.

We are very proud to receive this award as it definitely shows that our busuu-baby is going in the right direction. Having started not even 2 years ago with a simple idea and now being awarded with such an important prize, really compensates for all the effort the whole team has placed in our project. Obviously, the award would have never been possible without the support of our great community which continuously helps us to improve this language learning platform by giving us their open feedback.

Bernhard & Adrian receiving the award

The prize is compensated with 1,500 EUR and we have decided to donate this money to a NGO in Cameroon. As you probably know, the name from our website, Busuu, comes from a nearly extinct language from Cameroon, spoken by only 8 people. We have donated the money to the Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC). This wonderful NGO is involved in various projects to offer education to underpriviledged children in the region. As we from fully believe, that education is the most effective way out of poverty, we are very pleased to support their activities. In specific, the money will be used to construct a school for children in the Nkolfoulou neighbourhood located in the Centre Province of Cameroon. If you are also interested in supporting this cause or even sponsor a child for a full school year, you find more information about their programs here.

Once again, we are very happy to have received this award and are glad, that our online community not only helps thousands of users from all over the world to improve their language skills, but also makes a small contribution to the fight against poverty in Cameroon – a country, where our wonderful name comes from! partners with leading travel guide We are very glad to announce a new partnership with the worldwide leading travel guide tripwolf is a free social travel guide for individual travellers. The site combines professional editorial travel tips from well-known publishers like footprint or Marco Polo with traveller generated content. Thousands of users share their travel experiences and travel help with this worldwide community of travellers. Users can add personal blog posts, ratings and photos to about 500.000 different locations worldwide. tripwolf also provides the possibility to create and download your personalized travel guide and additionally offers a great iphone application for free.

Within this partnership, has placed our language learning widget (you find a sample as well on the right hand side of this blog) on all their travel info pages. By that, users of tripwolf can improve their language skills as part of their preparation for their trip.

In exchange, we have placed the tripwolf travel widget on all our user profile pages. In that way, you will see localized travel information about the home country of that specific user. So when you add another friend or chat with someone, you can directly inform yourself about the home country of this person via tripwolf.

We feel that this partnership is very helpful as most of the people who learn new languages are normally interested as well in travelling. And people, who like to travel, normally also have the interest and need to learn new languages.

We hope you find the new travel information on useful and would like to welcome all of the tripwolf users to our language learning community!

Free Italian courses now available on!

We are happy to announce that from now on you can learn Italian on! We now offer an interactive language course in Italian completely for free!

Italian tree

Italian is a roman language spoken by more than 60 million people in Italy and another 10 million people around the world.

The country has one of the largest cultural, architectural and artistic heritages of the world: monuments like the Colosseum in Rome or the Tower of Pisa, artists like Michel-Angelo and Botticelli… It is the motherland of fashion and design – Prada, Gucci, Ferrari… and obviously not to forget about Italian cuisine – pasta, pizza, Parma ham…

It is now possible to learn the language of cuisine, fashion and arts thanks to our highly interactive language learning material! Get access to vocabulary, dialogues, writing exercises and practice your language skills directly with Italian native speakers!

In order to start with your free Italian course, go to your settings page and add Italian to the languages you already learn. After that you can immediately access our Italian course by clicking on your new Italian tree on your language garden!

If you are an Italian native speaker, you can also have our interface completely in Italian by going to your settings page.

We hope you will enjoy language learning with even more and be sure that we will add on more languages pretty soon! :-)


The team

Get your berries!

We have implemented a new system to motivate you even more with your language learning: busuu-berries, Stars and Badges!


We will now reward your language learning efforts and your help to others with some sweet berries!

berry You will get busuu-berries each time you do a learning unit or correct a writing exercise on
star_large Depending on your number of busuu-berries, you will receive Stars – or even Diamonds!
berry_buttons But you can also send your busuu-berries to a friend in order to motivate him. So you shouldn’t keep all this delicious berries for yourself, share them as well with your friends!

And that´s not all – you can also receive special busuu-badges to reward specific activitiessuch as correcting a lot of posts, having finished a course or having a lot of friends. (Take a look at the detail of each badge)


An extra 10 busuu-berries have been granted to each of our users as a gift to celebrate this new system!

You can easily find out how many busuu-berries, Stars and badges you already have based on your past performance by connecting on!

We hope you all like our new reward system andwould be pleased to receive your feedback.

Enjoy language learning with!

Back to school promotion

Holidays are unfortunately over for most of us… so now is the perfect time to start again with your language classes at! In order to ease the start, we offer you a special promotion:

Back to school

From now on until the end of September, you are granted a 15% discount on all our Premium Memberships!

In difficult times like these, personal skills like excellent language skills are more important than ever. So brush up your language skills with our Premium Material!

As a Premium Member you get access to:

dialog Audio for more than 3,000 key phrases and 150 dialogues
grammar Access to more than 35 Grammar Units
pdf Printable PDFs for more than 150 units
podcast Audio Podcasts for more than 150 units
live units Video Units with new material added every day

Take advantage of our back to school promotion and get access to this additional material in order from only 6.79€ a month!

Just enter the code BZ123 after you have selected your product when ordering your Premium Membership. You will receive automatically a 15% discount on all our products.

We hope you enjoy language learning with!