Monthly Archives: October 2009 collaborates with NGO in Cameroon

As you probably know, won last week an European Award for Innovation in Language Learning. The price is compensated with 1,500 EUR and we decided to donate this money to the Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC). We chose Cameroon for the destination, as our website has its name from the language “Busuu“, spoken in this country by only eight people.

Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child

The work done by CAPEC is really impressive – they have special programs to fight child labour and child marriage, they run a HIV/AIDS Sensitization Program and are in general involved in children education in the poorer rural areas of Cameroon. Our money will be used to construct a school for children in the Nkolfoulou neighbourhood located in the Centre Province of Cameroon.

If you want to collaborate as well by yourself, you can do it in several ways. You can easily donate money in order to e.g. sponsor a child for a full school year, or help them organizing a  summer program for orphans. If you want to get involved personally, you can also volunteer in their schools as a teacher which will be for sure an unforgettable personal experience. At the end, every donation or activity counts!

We from firmly believe that education is the most efficient way out of poverty – so we are very glad that we could make our small contribution. We will update you on this blog about the further progress of this collaboration!

Mission accomplished – Silbo Gomero is declared as cultural heritage by the UNESCO

GREAT NEWS – the UNESCO yesterday officially declared the nearly extinct whistled language Silbo Gomero from the Spanish Canary Islands as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity!

This means, that our campaign to rescue this nearly extinct whistled language has been successfully accomplished!

Remember, in September 2008, as part of our committment for having been selected as official project of the UNESCO during the international year of languages, we launched a campaign to rescue this wonderful but nearly extinct whistled language.

We produced a great video (which you can view below) and developed a special part on our website where you can access an interactive learning unit (you have to be logged in for that) for learning Silbo Gomero. We even created a fan page in facebook with currently more than 800 fans of Silbo Gomero.



This campaign has raised huge attention in the international press (see more information on our press page) and we even won a Silver Lion in the International Marketing Festival in Cannes for this activity.

Obviously, the decision of the UNESCO to include Silbo Gomero in the cultural heritage list is based on many criteria but we are convinced that we helped this charming language to raise its attention within the international public to a much more significant level.

We at will continuously add new languages to our system (we have recently launched a free, interactive course in Italian) and are definitely commited to further support “smaller” languages around the world to prevent them from their extinction.