Monthly Archives: May 2010 named Red Herring Top 100 European Innovator

We are very proud to announce that has been officially elected as the Red Herring 100 European Winner 2010!

The award was received during the official awards ceremony in Paris today.

Established in 1996, Red Herring 100 lists are regarded as an invaluable instrument to discover and advocate the most promising private ventures from around the world.

All lists consider both quantitative and qualitative criteria, such as financial performance, technology innovation, quality of management and execution of strategy.

a prestigious list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the world European business region. was selected out of several hundred participants across Europe.

The Red Herring 100 award adds to our increasing list of prestigious recognitions, such as:

It shows that we are on the right track in building an innovative tool for learning languages.  We want to thank all our users for helping us in continuously improving our platform!

Earn more busuu-berries for excellent writing exercises and helpful corrections!

You can now earn additional busuu-berries for excellent writing excercises or very helpful text corrections of other users’ exercises. So, how does it work?

Writing exercises
If your writing exercise is given a four- or five-star rating by at least three other users, you will receive five bonus busuu-berries!  So try to write as well as you can – you can be sure your efforts will be rewarded!

Likewise, if you think that a writing exercise of another user is excellent, simply give it a great rating and reward them with some extra berries!

Text corrections
If your text correction of a writing exercise is given the thumbs up button by at least three other users, you will also receive five bonus busuu-berries!  So try to be as thorough as possible when correcting other users’ exercises and you will be rewarded with extra berries.

On the other hand, if someone has put a lot of effort into correcting your exercise, click the thumbs up button to reward them with extra berries too.

The same applies for group discussion entries – if you really like a users’ contribution to a discussion within a group, simply vote for it to help them earn additional busuu-berries.

With this new feature, we want to give an extra reward to both hard-working students and to excellent correctors!

Happy birthday busuuuuu!

This is a very special week for we’re celebrating our 2nd birthday!

Exactly two years ago, was launched. Starting as just a simple idea, our community has grown significantly and very quickly. Here are some of our impressive numbers:

  • More than 450,000 users from all over the world have signed up with us to learn languages online!
  • More than 1.3 million writing exercises have been corrected by our helpful community in 6 different languages.
  • More than 109 millionbusuu-berries’ have been earned by’s members!

This rapid development would never have happened without your great support!

That’s why we’d like to thank all of you and celebrate our birthday with a special present – for the next seven days, all members of our community can:

If you’re already a Premium user, you’ll soon receive a 14-day Premium Membership voucher via email to send to one of your friends to share the experience.

So let’s celebrate our 2nd birthday together and we hope you’ll enjoy your presents!

Thanks again for creating this wonderful community! Let´s do busuu!

The team