Monthly Archives: July 2010

New PONS grammar guides now available on is exited to say that we have extended our existing partnership with the renowned publisher PONS! We now offer English grammar guides to our French and Italian speaking users.

The guides are completely online and fully integrated into our existing learning material. They contain detailed English grammar explanations in French and in Italian.

The grammar guides are available for only 9,99 EUR to basic users and 7,99 EUR if you are a Premium User .

Plus, if you buy these useful guides before the 15th of August, you will receive a 10% discount! Just use the code BZN3PS when buying them online!

This special promotion is also valid for all our PONS guides, including those available for German and Spanish speaking users. Find out more about the different guides we offer!

Make sure you check our blog regularly, because we will soon extend with more useful language learning material!

New sounds for the vocabulary review

We are planning to update our existing sounds for the vocabulary review (some of you might have heard them already several thousand times! ;-) and therefore we would love to hear your opinion!

Please let us know which sounds you like best for the correct and the wrong answers! Thanks for your participation! and the future of e-learning

This week Bernhard, one of the Co-Founders of was invited to hold a keynote speech at the conference “Future Learningscapes – a 21st century Challenge” organized by the University of Greenwich close to London.

Bernhard shared his experience of managing Europe´s leading online community for learning languages and gave his thoughts about how future learningscapes could look like.

According to his opinion, future learning will include a mix of learning activities (self-studying, peer-to-peer-learning, live teachers) and learning places (offline, online, mobile). Additionally, technology will be used in a much smarter way in order to improve the effectiveness of the learning progress of each student.

The conference was a great experience, a fantastically organized event and it was very good to see that the academic world more and more is aware of innovative learning tools like, which could be used to improve the way students learn new languages within their academic studies.