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Happy Birthday busuu – 3 years of worldwide language learning!

It’s time for celebration: is celebrating its 3rd birthday! In three years we have grown impressively – over 2,500,000 users from all over the world have registered to learn up to 9 different languages online with

Check out our main achievements in the last year:

To celebrate our birthday we would like to give you a special present: During the next 7 days you can try out our Premium Membership completely for free! Try it out now!

At the same time, you can take advantage of a 10% discount on all our Premium Memberships. Hurry up, this offer will end by May 25th. Become Premium now!


Thanks to all of you for your active participation that makes such a great community for language learning! We hope you’ll enjoy our special gift and we are looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays and other special occasions with you!

Sing Happy Birthday in Busuu with us now!

Check out our new review types!

At we are constantly working to improve your learning process and to make language learning more interesting and efficient for you. The review at the end of each unit is an important evaluation exercise, allowing you to see how much you have learned from our learning units. During this review you can test your vocabulary, syntax, writing skills, listening and reading comprehension. In order to make the review a bit more difficult but also more fun, we have added three new types of exercises.

The examples below are for English speakers learning Spanish. Of course the test is available for all languages offered on With us you can practice your Italian vocabulary, German syntax, Turkish writing skills, English listening comprehension, Russian reading comprehension etc…

Check out the new review types:

1 . New vocabulary exercise
You will see the vocabulary in your own language without images nor sounds (just showing the logo). Then you have to choose the corresponding translation in the language you are learning. This exercise type is an adapted version of our existing vocabulary training exercises. It trains you to recognize words and syntaxes in the language that you are learning, without the help of images or sounds.

Vocabulary review


2. New syntax exercise
You will see an image and several words which you have to put into the right order to describe the image. Click on the words and drop them in the box below to form a correct sentence. If you want a clue, just click on the sentence at the bottom of the exercise to see a translation in your language.

Syntax exercise


3.New writing exercise
You will see an image and several letters which you have to put into the right order to spell out the word which is shown by the image. Drag and drop the letters in the box below to form the correct word. If you want a clue, just click on the sentence at the bottom of the exercise to see the word in your language.

Writing exercise


If you are a Premium User you are also able to customize your review by selecting the type of review exercises which most fits your needs. Just go to our customized review – there you can then add the new review exercises to your personal review test.

Have fun trying out our new review types and enjoy language learning with! New features will be added very soon!

Learn Turkish and Polish for free on

Merhaba and Cześć (in other words, ‘hello’ in Turkish and Polish)!

You can now learn Turkish and Polish online in addition to the 7 languages we already offer on! And just like our other interactive language courses, the Turkish and Polish courses are completely free! Start learning Turkish or Polish today!

Choose to learn Polish or Turkish online and you’ll be in good company!

About 71 million people speak Turkish, making it the most commonly spoken of the Turkic languages. Turkish is known for its sound harmony and agglutination of words. Learn modern Turkish, characterized by its vowel harmony and its Latin alphabet for free on

The western Slavonic language of Polish is spoken by 44 million people, making it the 21st most spoken language in the world. It is one of the Slavic languages that are written in a Latin alphabet, making it easier to learn. Learning Polish online can also allow you to understand other more difficult Slavic languages.

Outside of their own countries, both of these languages are also spoken in many communities throughout Europe and further afield.


It’s easy to start learning Turkish or Polish for free:

  1. Go to your settings page.
  2. Add Turkish and/or Polish to your language garden.
  3. Click on the new Turkish or Polish tree in your garden for immediate access to the course.

Change your settings to start learning Turkish or Polish now!

And if you are a native Turkish or Polish speaker, you can now use in your own native language! Simply go to your settings page to change the interface language into Turkish or Polish.

We hope you enjoy our brand new and free language courses. Stay tuned, new languages will be added very soon!

Elveda and do widzenia (‘goodbye’ in Turkish and Polish)!