Download our free mobile apps and learn a language on the go!

Learn on the go and make every minute count!

It just takes a few minutes a day to brush up on your language skills and your journey to work, school or college is the perfect opportunity.


Our mobile apps for learning languages can be used even when you don’t have an internet connection and they are packed with useful, fun features.

  • More than 3,000 words and phrases across 150 topics
  • Beginner (A1) to upper intermediate (B2) learning materials
  • Dialogues and interactive tests to check your progress

The free versions of our apps for iOS and Android include 20 complete learning units.



Don’t forget that as a Premium Member you have access to the full app content at no extra cost! Upgrade to Premium now!

5 thoughts on “Download our free mobile apps and learn a language on the go!

  1. Emerson Almeida

    Hello, Busuu!

    I would like to know if you have plans launching a Windows Phone version of these apps.
    It will be nice!

    Thank you!

  2. Thomas Post author

    Hi Emerson, Thanks for your message.
    We are currently not planning a Windows Phone Version but keep checking back as this might change in the future.
    Sunny greetings,
    The busuu.com team

  3. Rodrigo Normando

    Hello! I’d like to know when are you launching a version of your apps for the Windows Phone system, and why it seems that every great and useful app for studying have not been launched for WP up til now…

    Thanks in advance :)

  4. Fabia Alves

    Hi Rodrigo,

    At the moment our apps are only available for iOS and Android. We don’t have a date of when it will be available for Windows Phone.
    Continue to check our blog to see what we are up to.

    Ciao for now,

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