Help us to save the language Busuu!

As you know,  the name of our website comes from the language Busuu from Cameroon in Africa, spoken by only 8 people.

This language is declared by the UNESCO as “critically endangered”. So, we from had to do something in order to save this language from its extinction!

In summer 2010, we sent a film-crew to the remote village of Weh in the jungle of Cameroon to find the last 8 native speakers of Busuu and created a video clip together with them to promote their language.

The result was the following video:

We have also created a special website where you can support our campaign to rescue Busuu, watch more funny videos in that language and even sing your own Busuu song too and send it to your friends!

Do you want to learn Busuu? We have prepared a special learning unit in Busuu so you can learn some phrases of this nearly extinct language on!

This is probably the first piece of evidence of this language online so check out what a nearly extinct language from the jungle sounds like!

We have also created a Save Busuu Facebook fanpage, so please join it, invite your friends and support the Busuu language!

According to the UNESCO, more than 3000 languages are endangered around the world!

Join our campaign “Save Busuu”, share it with your friends and help us to rescue the Busuu language!

mən wέἑ (thanks in Busuu!)

PS: if you like the busuu song, you can download it here!

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